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Yugioh Zombie deck:

Yugioh Zombie deck:

Monster cards

3x Zombie Master 1st Edition (common)
2x Goblin Zombie (Secret Rare)
2x Ryu Kokki (common)
2x Il Blud Limited Edition (Super Rare)
3x Vampire Lord Limited Edition (Ultra Rare)
3x Pyramid Turtle (Rare)
2x Krebons (common)
1x Spirt Reaper 1st Edition (common)
1x Bone Crusher 1 Edition (Ultra Rare)
1x Red Eyes Zombie Dragon 1st Edition (Ultra Rare)
1x Mezuki (Secret Rare)
1x Plaguespreader Zombie 1st Edition (Ultra Rare)

Trap Cards
1x Sakuretsu Armour
1x Dust Tornado
1x Trap Hole
1x Waboku
1x Scrap Iron Scarecrow
1x Spellbinding Circle (Rare)
1x Interdimensional Matter Transporter
1x Magic Jammer
1x Magic Cylinder

Magic Cards

1x Swords of Revealing light
1x Monster Reborn
1x Smashing ground
2x Zombie World
3x Book of Life (Super Rare)
1x Lightning Vortex
1x Card of Safe Return
1x Heavy Storm
1x Brain Control

Synchro Monster Included
2x Stardust Dragons (1 Limited Edition, 1 1st Edition)
1x Colossal Fighter 1st Edition
1x Red Dragon Archfiend (Limited Edition)
1x Gaia Knight, The Force of Earth 1st Edition
1x DoomKaiser Dragon
1x Revived King Ha Des
1x Goyo Guardian (Limited Edition)
1x Black Rose Dragon ( Limited Edition)
Yugioh Zombie deck:Yugioh Zombie deck:Yugioh Zombie deck:Yugioh Zombie deck:
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Price: $90.00 (CAD)
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