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Magnetic Knee Brace Support Neoprene Velcro Straps Leg Protection

Name: Magnetic Knee Brace Support Neoprene Velcro Straps Leg Protection Relief


Model: AFT-H005

Color: Black, yellow, blue

Size: size-fits-all(stretching top growth: :46cm,below length:44cm   width: 18cm)

Tips: 1. the manual measure, maybe about 1~2cm error

      2. if special requirement, can customized as per customer's demand

      3. Self-adhesive magnetic tape, can adjustable freely

Main material: Nanometer composite material, Tourmaline self-heating material, Permanent life magnetic

Brief introduction:

 use import high elastic fibers, the fabric soft comfort, good elastic and air permeability, wear next to the skin and comfortable; inside with natural crystal gem--tourmaline and permanent magnetic. Tourmaline cloth appress the knee, can release far infrared and anion, which can play effective function through penetrate the skin deep ,Eight permanent life magnetic disperse the knee key point, can release Si,B,Mg,Fe etc effective various microelement, play the magnetic function, activate knee acupoint,dredge meridians, activate cell. it has abvious effect to eliminate knee ache fatigue, prevent and treat the knee fracture, remit knee ache etc after wearing it.


1)high elastic imported lining, delicate texture, soft, elastic, light and comfortable when wearing;

peculiar skin closed lining and nimble design, putting on cloth and elbow activity could not be influenced when wearing. You can wear at any time whatever during working, rest and recreation activity.

2)quickly releasing knee  fatigue and pressure, relieving pain, it has nice healthcare and therapy effect and could prevent and cure illness of the knee

3)it conform with human mechanical theory and has peculiar bandage whic distribute pressure nice.

4)it could accerlerate recovery of  hurted parts of knee  and continue to work normally.




1)    middle aged to elderly people whoes alibility to walk discomfort or the one suffer from various knee inflammation

2)    the one whoes knee get injured easily like sportsman

3)    the one who always work in low tempreture environment like work in cold storage building

4)    the one whoes physical cold empty need warm like the elder people or physical cold empty people

5)    the crowd who like sports or daily large sport

6)    the crowd who need long time stand working

7)    the one who goes after sport and fashion


1)  wipe the touramline with wet cloth, the function will be more effective

2)  put the tourmaline cloth next to the body closely,fix the knee part where need therapy.

3)  properly adjustable, tight fit the magtic tape, after 15-30 min. you will get abvious hotness and acupucture feeling

Maintenance insturction

1)  Put it on a dry and air place, note moistureproof

2)  Not in the sunshine

3)  keep clean when using

4)  Not touch magnetism products or ore iodide, in case of magnetization

5)  prohibit long time water soaking, flannelette side can soaking gently rub, function side can gently wipe with water.

6)  avoid ironing and pressing

Please be cautious to use for the below group

1)  The one who fever or high fever, the skin where wear the products is damaged

2)  the one who have bleeding tendency, sensory disturbance to the external temperature or individual allergic constitution should follow the doctor's advice when using

3)  the one whose acute soft issue impaired should use in 24 hours

4)  advise the pregnant women and children not to use

We are a medical healthcare products company.
Body supports&wraps and maternity belts are our most striking products with CE/FDA certification.
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Magnetic Knee Brace Support Neoprene Velcro Straps Leg ProtectionMagnetic Knee Brace Support Neoprene Velcro Straps Leg ProtectionMagnetic Knee Brace Support Neoprene Velcro Straps Leg ProtectionMagnetic Knee Brace Support Neoprene Velcro Straps Leg Protection
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