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Self-heating Magnetic Lumbar Support Belt Back Ache Pain Relief

Name: Self-heating Magnetic Lumbar Support Belt Back Ache Pain Relief


Model: AFT-Y011

Color: black yellow

Size: S、 M、L、  XL

     S: 95cm(L) *14cm (W)

     M: 100cm(L) *14cm (W)

     L: 105cm(L) *14cm (W)

    XL: 110cm(L) *14cm (W)


1)      here may be a error in measurement for about 1-2cm due to the manual tile measuring.

2)      Special pattern could be made according to customer’s requirement.

3)      Automatic paste magic stick, freely adjusted

Main material

Nano composite material, top quality imported fish silk cloth,high elastic fabric,tourmaline self-heated fabric, permanent magnets


1)      top quality imported material with perfect permeability

2)      High elastic fiber cloth ,fine texture,soft handle,meticulous soft touching feel

3)      Simple usage, no effect on clad effect after putting on

4)      Double-effect high elastic belts which is tighten and constrictive on waist and abdomen ,and then reduce weight and sliming waist.

5)      The nano far infrared thermal acupuncture dot matrix, heating fast, effect lasting, protects the waist as well as the synchronous

6)      Fixing and supporting the waist, could prevent the waist secondary injury, and combining with the exercise selfcontrol to get the effect of model body

7)      Conducive to the waist function's balance and restore , prevent and treat on desease.

8)      Be good at sweating,increase brain wave a ,reduce fatigue

9)      Anion with the functions of fresh air,clear  harmful gases ,as formaldehyde, benzene and ammonia,eliminate peculiar smell.


1)      wipe the tourmaline function fabric with wet cloth ,will get better effect.

2)      Make the tourmaline function fabric close to the body, fixed in position of waist that need physical therapy

3)      Appropriate adjust elasticity, tight stick the Velcro and will fee warm and get acupuncture feeling generally  15 to 30 minutes later


1)      People with protrusion of lumbar vertebral disc, sciatica, lumbar hyperosteogeny, etc. Various kinds of lumbar disease of the population

2)      People whose waist need daily keeping warm , such as physical cold empty and afraid of cold

3)      People who work often sedentary or prolonged standing, such as the driver, working at his desk personnel

4)      Groups that  work in low temperature environment long-term, such as crowd that engaged in freezing, aquatic products processing

5)      Groups Love sports and with lot of exercise  daily

6)      Groups that with fashionable beauty, fond of cultivate one's morality of styling

Maintenance instruction

1)      Dry ventilated place and keeping moisture proof

2)      Resist sunshine

3)      Keep clean

4)      ar from ore iodide products &  resist magnetization

5)      Prohibition of long time immersion

6)      surface accept water soaking and gently rub ,function fabric surface is wiped by wet cloth.

7)      Avoid ironing

Please be cautious to use for below group

1)  please stop using for  people that with high fever or damaged skin on wearing parts

2)  Please follow the doctor's advice about caution use for  people that with bleeding tendency, feeling disorder on the outside temperature, and the individual allergic constitution

3)  Patients that with serious trauma, or heart pacemakers inside, please use with caution under the guidance of doctors

4)  Patients that with high blood pressure , active tuberculosis ,use under the guidance of doctors

5)  Patients with acute soft tissue impaired, please use after 24 hours

6)  Pregnant women and children unfavorable to use

We are a medical healthcare products company.
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Self-heating Magnetic Lumbar Support Belt Back Ache Pain ReliefSelf-heating Magnetic Lumbar Support Belt Back Ache Pain ReliefSelf-heating Magnetic Lumbar Support Belt Back Ache Pain ReliefSelf-heating Magnetic Lumbar Support Belt Back Ache Pain Relief
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