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Dudley's poor performance, data field for the Clippers to 6.9 points, 2.2 rebounds and 1.4 assists in data and status is a far cry from his Sun period. Clippers deal purely to get rid of Dudley's contract. His contract is for 5 years and 21.5 million, until 2016 summer, contract amount is $ 4.25 million next season. In his contract in 2015 as a player option. Centers from Europe Radulj notes paying just $ 1.5 million, and becomes a non-guaranteed contract after next season. Chinese fans are familiar with Argentina who adidas basket profi up wedge   Carlos Delfino, after arriving in Milwaukee isn't so good, didn't play last season one game because of injury, his annual salary was $ 3.25 million, 32, Argentina contracts will become a non-guaranteed contract after the end of next season. Fast ship through such deals, the main purpose is to optimize the existing salary structure, in the lineup, retained last season's class

Late Hou, fast ship this summer signed Xia has Haweis and farmar this a within a outside two Yuan General, strength can be described as is stability in the has liters, in new boss Ballmer landed his zhihou, again glow vitality of fast ship Xia season still is West champion of favourable compete for who Bryant-Brian features like Tony-Allen, Allen now reciprocated, said Bryant is most close Michael-Jordan of players. Allen is not the most recent first compare Kobe Bryant and Michael Jordan the player, the Pistons player Brandon Jennings even said Kobe over Jordan. Jennings ' stated reasons Michael Jordan had a helping hand more, during Bryant's five championships without so much help. "In our times, he is the player closest to Michael Jordan. Many people say this is like Michael Jordan, the Jordan (I heart Kobe). I later if still alive, I would have experience of guarding Bryant relishes, often to tell of. "Says Allen

。 Several times in recent years to compare Kobe Bryant, LeBron James and Michael Jordan, it was felt that Kobe is closer to Jord adidas amberlight up uk  an, it was felt that James ' future success are limitless, may surpass even Jordan. Allen's views represent the views of most people, a lot of people think that Kobe is very close to Jordan if a Championship more words, he's rendering meritorious services can be infinitely close to Jordan. However, the lineup of the Lakers and Kobe Bryant's age, in his two-year career ' ability to complete the task. Bryant played 18 seasons in the NBA had, two years left in his contract with the Lakers. "For me, being a guy like Kobe praised is definitely an honor, especially when he who is. Of course, I'm going to keep the aggressive edge, and not be carried away by his praise. He and I learned far more than others. ”

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