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ikely to be suspended for 4 games in fines of thousands

Uncivil behavior is captured. This reporter has learned that, the AFC said after the game may access Match Commissioner's report to see if the Disciplinary Committee decides penalties. Middle finger to the fans and players, a violation of the regulations of the AFC disciplinary section 57th if anyone with aggressive actions and words, or non-sporting behavior is a violation of fair play, will be resorting to punishment.  adidas tech super 2.0 leopard black   One is great on the disciplinary regulations expert told reporters, as evidence, the player is likely to be suspended for 4 games in fines of thousands of dollars in penalties. In terms of evergrande, who produced a poster encouraging, and in the most difficult time, evergrande has also invited Ma, a partner in the match. It is understood that he has verbally accepted an invitation, if the final trip, he would complete the investment of evergrande's Club later in "home" debut. Hengda Club

Pre prepared a chest with the word Alibaba, stamped with the Ma name behind the number 10th, intends to contest for Ma. Heng senior people on the stands and Lippi (microblogging): normal play in Asia without a rival in the first leg, evergrande 0:1 defeat away from home. Although the margin is not large, but evergrande player Zhang linpeng, Gao Lin was sent off, Lippi is appended ban Jin Yingquan will be suspended for the second leg due to accumulated yellow cards result, evergrande on the squad is injured. Even FIFA's official website says "qualify for the balance tilts to the Western Sydney". Pregame News Conference, hengda coach with Western Sydney is also proposed. Lippi due to temporarily suspended by AFC, so Rodney instead of attending the press conference by Assistant Coach motor, Maddaloni relayed the Lippi himself attitude. Lippi, the aide said: "tomorrow we will have a very heavy

Games, as much of a 0:1 to lose the game, we had no choice, if you want to qualify you only win as a way. "Subsequently, Rodney said Lippi of motor expressions are more aggressive:" our most important to resolve fight for 90 minutes, I think as long as I can play, evergrande is still hard to find a rival in Asia. "As the first leg Rangers beat Guangzhou hengda 1:0 has been home to, as long as the unbeaten away from home you can get the chances of reaching the final four. So, coach Gregg Popovich also again adidas energy boost women   expressed his hope to break into the next round of determination, he said: "tomorrow is the permanent home, I know that the home crowd can create a powerful atmosphere, but we have the confidence to win the game, it will be an honor for us, as a visiting team can qualify in Guangzhou, this feels very good. "August 27, at 20 o'clock, AFC Champions one-fourth final

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