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Armani is the world's leading luxury brands, 1975 by the fashion designer Giorgio Armani (Giorgio Armani) was founded in Italy in Milan, Giorgio Armani is the United States's largest-selling designer brands in Europe,  nike blazer mid vintage sale   he is known for using new fabrics and excellent production. Giorgio Armani brand logo by a deformation of the Eagle to right and into. Eagle represents the brand to the high level of quality, excellence and skills, then use it as a permanent symbol of.

Giorgio Armani Armani logo design, on the other hand, the pursuit of a Supreme minimalist, elegant design, it consists of a round curve of g and a form a circle, giving a refined and elegant new style. In an era of gender gender becomes increasingly confused, clothing is no longer the absolute distinction between sexes, nike magista opus fg cheap  GIORGIOARMANI are breaking the boundaries of masculine and feminine, and lead women towards androgynous style, one of the architects. ARMANI will be majoring in science courses, University of medical sciences, military service as an assistant medical officer, rational approach to training, as well as the concept of equilibrium in the world are his guidelines for designing clothing.

ARMANI clothing creation is not a dream, but from observation, saw someone on the street and elegant dress, in his way to restructure in addition to creating his own, belonging to the elegant shape of ARMANI style. Many of the world's top executives, Hollywood stars is the writing style itself as such, and become a follower of ARMANI. Even pop up in Hollywood: "when you don't know what to wear when wearing ARMANI just right! 」。 Julia difosite is the ARMANI faithful adherents.

Clothing for men and women, simple suits match perfectly androgynous tailoring, whether at any time and occasion, neither desirable or faded pop issues, advocates from around the world are across occupational and age. ARMANI accessories include leather goods, shoes, glasses, ties, scarves, and clothing as classically refined texture with simple lines, clearly against pure style Italy style clothing.

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