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nike kd 6 cheap also known as comfort ape

I follow the three golden rules of design: one is to remove any unnecessary stuff; the second is focused on comfort; the third is the most beautiful thing is actually the simplest. "This is Giorgio Armani's own very precise assessment. United States evaluation of fashion designer bier·bolasi Armani and his costume: "no sex completely divided,  discount nike air force 180  not strict boundaries for the day wear and evening wear, amanite State color style, personality and cultural conflicts and exchanges to make fashion made him since the 1980 's has long been recognized as the most influential fashion designer.

In 1975, Armani's first fashion show a success, without lining and assertive structures line design, formal and informal-informal casual clothes, natural beauty of colors, completely prevailed in the 1960 's hippie-style, with simple outlines and loose lines, changed the style of traditional male buckram bound, wrinkles-style jackets were all the rage. Later gents miniature ladies launched version followed, using traditional menswear fabrics, showing strong neutral style. His style, aesthetics and the honor thus established.

BAPE was born in Japan of Harajuku street fashion brand name is "a Bathing Ape in Lukewarm Water", which means "ape of the easy life." In Chinese called "ape heads", nike kd 6 cheap  also known as comfort ape. Name comes from the 1968 production of United States science fiction film planet of the apes (Planet of The Apes). Japan Harajuku flagship brand Bape graduated from Japan Culture Institute of fashion designer Nigo, founded in November 1993, "easy ape" LOGO designed by zhongcunjinyilang.

Bape (Yat APE) begins with a t-shirt, because of its unique design and limited supply, slowly in Japan surge out of Fame. After designer Nigo began to design other clothing, so far, has women's clothing, children's clothing, shoes and many other cards, anything with this "easy monkey" pattern of the product will become the object of everyone competing in hot pursuit. 2001 began appeared of Bape (comfort APE) ladies brand BAPYBusyWorkingLady, oriented young of OfficeLady groups, and had of inspiration sources has nothing relationship, its designer is KIKO, clothing play of are is cute elements, like ice cream, and Leopard lines,, except Bape outside, more in ladies and kids products Shang appeared of called BABYMILO of small monkey is Bape (comfort APE) of toy series of representative.

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