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Snap™ Heavy Duty Concentrate

Snap™ Heavy Duty Concentrate

• One bottle replaces up to 16 bottles of the leading spot and stain remover
• Excellent for steam cleaning carpets, removing grease, oil and rust
• Cleans windows, screens, tile and grout, Formica and painted surfaces
• Perfect for grills, stoves, ovens, and pots and pans
• Organic
• Phosphate-free
• Biodegradable
• Made of plant-based surfactants

What makes this product unique?
Snap™ Heavy-Duty Concentrate, originally designed for industrial use, is the perfect cleaning product for everyday cleaning as well as those extra tough household chores. One bottle of Snap Heavy-Duty Concentrate replaces up to 16 bottles of the leading spot and stain remover. Snap Heavy-Duty Concentrate, the economical solution to household cleaning. Snap Heavy-Duty Concentrate is a highly concentrated, commercial-grade cleaner with a variety of uses. It is perfect for steam cleaning carpets, removing grease, oil and rust. Snap Heavy-Duty Concentrate cleans windows, screens, tile and grout, Formica and painted surfaces. Snap is also great for grills, stoves, ovens, and pots and pans.

Snap Heavy-Duty Concentrate works by making water molecules smaller to penetrate surfaces and pull out stains, thereby increasing the effectiveness of water. A special cleaning agent holds dirt, oil, and grease in suspension within the water molecules and allows them to be easily rinsed away. Snap Heavy-Duty Concentrate is an organic, environmentally-friendly cleaning solution with biodegradable, phosphate-free and plant-based surfactants and essential oils. Make household cleaning a SNAP with Snap™ Heavy-Duty Concentrate!

Snap™ Heavy Duty Concentrate
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