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air max 2013 cheap woman tennis organization cooperation

GUCCI brand was born in 1921 in Italy, has more than 80 years of history, is known to the fashion industry's top brands in the world, known for its high-end, luxury, sexy. Senda group Renault to break the boundaries of dress culture between East and West, is committed to China's culture of innovation, promote China's men to the forefront of world fashion. Senda group Renault, using advanced technology, equipment and staff, using the world's popular top fabrics, top design, first-class workmanship,    salomon speedcross 3 sale  according to Chinese characteristics, size, culture and absorb foreign advanced design concepts, synthetic "padiyagu form" men's clothing, is handsome, cool, and simple, and fashion, along with some panache as "padiyagu form" feature. Masculine, luxury, fashion, without makeup, not an extra dress and wear it becomes a social identity of man, strike the appropriate line structure, fine workmanship, geometry and ideal cut, it shows originality and a strong local flavor of East-West cultural integration styles

"TO BE No. 1" advocate is a tough, fighting spirit, is a pioneering task, to become the first determination and courage, the search goes on, and a strong fighting spirit. It represents does not succumb to mediocrity, desire to succeed, to champion people with lofty ideals and pursuits, is "faster, higher, stronger" Olympic spirit, philosophy, and spiritual transcendence and extension of consumer psychology as a whole. As one of the four noble sport, tennis started late in China.

Back in 2004, when major domestic sportswear brands compete for basketball, football, and when these popular professional resource, hongxing Polk had seen tennis sports charms, and "TO BE No.1" in the spirit of the brand marketing into tennis, take this as the spiritual leader, on the tennis marketing journey. In this a spirit led Xia, Hung star, grams first and ITF international   air max 2013 cheap  woman tennis organization cooperation, first became China clothing brand in international woman tennis series game Shang of sponsors, zhihou and success together Shanghai ATP1000 master game, became its official clothing cooperation partners, then back-to-back debut Austria Salzburg ATP indoor game, and Abu Dhabi world tennis championship, and Madrid master game, and Stuttgart ATP open, became domestic participation world top tennis events up of clothing brand.

JOSINY brand was founded in 1997, as a modern woman as the main consumer groups, products that focus on the perfect fusion of style and comfort, price is suitable for urban white-collar workers, innovative products and services to provide our customers with exquisite living experience! Company President Office as the core, directly under the five major functions (research and Development Center, Marketing Center, production centers, Administration Center, Finance Center) management structure, with a scientific, perfect operating system. JOSINY with an international perspective extracted essence of European fashion, fashion, personality, by modern urban young women of all ages.

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