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Italy Meng Dailuo Manor a Miss call Josiny in Florence, she was Sir Meng Dailuo's eye, with a clean and elegant beauty and a vision free heart, advocate and her art, writing, she's works of art are "tall Crystal shoe" collection to Italy Royal Palace. A fate of the encounter, Josiny and one local travelers love at first sight. But already agreed Genoese Baron Sir Meng Dailuo of marriage, so brave Josiny choose one morning and travel far away, into an embrace of love and ideal for   nike dunk sky high sale   people around the world. Since then, the Josiny Italy girls role models and symbols of freedom and dreams, she designed shoes are also popular in the folk. A shoe was given Josiny name brand, inherited Josiny from designing ideal and luxurious textures, will become a modern urban women the key to dreams of freedom and bridges.

Design style: keen sense of style, rapid market response, is a prerequisite for leading market share. JOSINY and Italy, and France a number of shoe and dress designers have been maintaining close cooperation, independent research and development team is marching in Europe, America, Japan, Hong Kong and other fashionable city streets for the latest fashion trends, and in domestic demand in the mainland China market and provide stylish and comfortable product for the modern woman.

Process models: in China, JOSINY Designer by Western sculpture, and painting, plastic arts and aesthetic of effects, according to China Women itself feet shaped features, special create "sixDOF--six freedom" technology, makes women in six degrees space within free Chang enjoy comfortable,  nike dunk high heels uk   its using will body gravity transfer, and assessed, precise calculation out most ideal of foot Department radian, provides best of support, again will feet Department full inclusive to extreme Shu moderate of core technology, in a Qian line, a left a right, a jumped a jump of walking in the, Modern women from the bondage of the indifference of city life and get out, close to nature, self-release, into the "freedom to do" wonderful life.

JOSINY image shop with cutting-edge design concepts and rebuild the brand and the spatial relationship. With a fresh, stylish white and magenta (standard color) set the tone with simple, flowing lines outline the classic style of fashion space, fresh and clean, and you can meet thousands of SKU's each year exhibit display. Combines the depth of European classicism, elegance and the Nordic fashion, modern minimalism at its best to attract customers into the store at the same time, create an artistic, comfortable and pleasant shopping experience.

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