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Destiny is owned a young Belle women's shoes women's shoes brand. Hong Kong beautiful noble group was incorporated in 1999 in Hong Kong. Beautiful treasure Group International Holdings Limited in Hong Kong specially licensed to Belle production and sales of the group in the country. Since April 2003 the Belle Group have officially acquired days good for brand Belle Group. Good brand symbolizes the young generation's cultural life, its vitality and sense of the times by the young man's favorite, a "young, stylish, casual" pronoun, its extraordinary success.

Destiny appeared to show a shift in fashion. People chase the mainstream of modern society has become more than just high-end brand-name products, more products that reflect their own values. Namely: "emphasis on creation, emphasis on personal". Destiny has now been   mizuno wave prophecy 2 sale   established in all major cities of more than 200 chain stores, NIKE is also a Chinese agent. "TEEN" is representative of a group of individuality, exuding vitality and enjoy the colorful urban life of new generation; "MIX" that is mix&match on behalf of destiny free interpretation, and creative mix of casual fashion.

Belle Belle International launched a brand. BeLLE Belle different life experiences and life experience: urban environments undergoing constant change, fashion trends and constantly changing, constantly changing, constantly changing roles in a woman's life. BeLLE Belle in change to show  nike flyknit air max cheap   the perfect inner and outer qualities. Belle leather simply divided into female and male, including handbags, belts, wallets, card holders, suitcases, leather care products, etc. Belle Belle, good days, he owned her, thought Cato all shoe sales in the domestic market, Senda men's shoes has been consumers.

Belle Group was founded on March 8, 1992, Lai wah footwear trading co in Hong Kong investment in the Mainland by the construction of production and processing enterprises on the basis of rapid development of integration of production and marketing conglomerate, famous shoe brand chain operation companies in mainland China, Hong Kong beautiful treasure (Group) International Holdings Limited, United States NIKE (Nike) company, Europe, ADIDAS (adidas), United States NEWBALANCE (new balance) the company one of the largest chain BATA (Ba Tazi pants "United States Levi 's" the world's first pair of jeans, "United States Levi's largest partner in China.

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