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cheap new balance 574 universe team will continued Club

Cristiano Ronaldo named as one of time magazine's annual best big man for the first time, but the cover is not him. Times sports section cover new balance trainers sale  story of the year was-NBA player Jason Collins, he was first publicly announced in the four major professional sports leagues of North America athletes come out of the closet, with its historic and Madden had a tendency to eye-catching, Ronaldo's headline was robbed.

FIFA announced suspended Executive Barca (official micro-Bo official website data) of transfer ban Hou, this La Liga (micro-Bo topic) Giants overjoyed, for rainy day of consider, universe team certainly will "assault consumption", in this summer of transfer market Shang deal or no deal, Beijing time April 24, according to Spain daily sports reported under message, currently Barca senior has on next season of built team plans began has planning, currently of line team lineup in the, just has 6 people is not for sale, and small law, and Harvey (micro-Bo data), and Sanchez (microblogging) per capita is not among them.

In daily sports reported under provides of 6 people not for sale list in the, Messi (micro-Bo blog data), and neimaer (micro-Bo), and Iniesta (micro-Bo data), and Peake (micro-Bo data), and Alba and Busquets of name impressively in column, this 6 people, only neimaer a people not lamaxiya of green training products, this proved has  cheap new balance 574 universe team will continued Club of traditional, this several important official also will is Barca in future rise of key figures. At the same time, 6 players must lock Barca next season's starting position, while 5 other location will certainly bring about a new aid, namely, goalkeeper, Defender, right Defender, midfielder and striker. More established candidates, applying special Barcelona New Atlantis-pin, at a different location, has some trouble up and down also in the transfer market.

It is worth mentioning that, although Harvey does not in this list of 6 persons, but the daily sport newspaper believes that Harvey is the core of Barcelona on the field and locker room leader, especially at Puyol and Valdés (microblogging data) will leave the case, Harvey is the town treasure, so Barca brain locations are actually relatively stable. In addition, with Barca, "DNA" risk of Baltra and Juan Pablo Montoya also will not have to leave, they are young, there is still a lot of space.

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