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new balance 576 uk fast speed football boots was born

For Nike, this initiative is the result of the birth of a Mercurial SL:190 gram weight
Mercurial SL topped the lightest Nike football boots on the throne, and it is by far the fastest, strongest, toughness and the strongest football boots. Shoe design was very simple, no extra, but without the loss of any property. new balance numeric cheap From the outset, Mercurial SL was not designed to sell, as it is designed with the concept car: leading innovation, explore new ideas and push the boundaries of design and engineering. However, the Mercurial SL to create new concepts with the drama at the same time, Nike has found that these innovative ideas and products to the players will be more meaningful.

Spikes and nails are bursting in Korea through injection moulding in his shoe, forming separate parts at the end of it. Spikes for running very fast athlete to provide ideal grip, enabling players to dribble or run when the Court to quickly accelerate. SL heel protection designed to be small, for fixing the position of the heel. Italy Nike research centre of Montebelluna, engineers created a new process, thus carbon-fiber materials to be the stubborn sports boots soft uppers.

Service form must be a function. Color of Mercurial SL carbon fiber black. Only add color pink Nike tick. Designer Peter o Hu Desen explained, "colours like this you can't help but close, and then you'll see the fine design details. "Mr Hu Desen says," Mercurial SL is our commitment to deliver – a lightweight, superior performance, new balance 576 uk fast speed football boots was born, it not only as a football player's athletic ability to set new benchmarks, as well as a break through the limitations of the concept, a vision based entirely on the designs of products. We make Mercurial SL and designed specifically for football and a beauty at the same time. ”

Mercurial SL is aimed at the fast athlete, spokesperson for the Real Madrid superstar, worth 94 million euros c Romania and Chelsea Star "Warcraft" Didier Drogba. Nike officially named in 1978. It is more than a leading brand adidas, Puma, Reebok, was reputed to be "nearly 20 years newly created one of the most successful consumer goods companies in the world." Nike earnings rose from $ 13 million in 1985 to about $ 400 million in 1994, 1985, Nike's global profits of US $ 13 million in 1994, more than $ 4.8 billion of the company's global turnover. In the United States, with up to 70% of young people's dream is to have a pair of Nike shoes.

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