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Daphne has new balance numeric cheap also contributed

Spokesman Rene as Daphne D28 series this will play the good mood Just be yourself slow version of the genre.The origination, production, Tao Zhe, said this was the first footwear brands for women to write jingles and suitable for both SHE and Rene two completely different styles, different artists song road to project, creation can be said to be very aggressive. The whole creative process, Daphne has new balance numeric cheap  also contributed a lot of inspiration into two groups of people at different points in a common approach to life, both D18 girl and the D28 women eventually converge to the "preferences themselves, really, Just be yourself," Daphne brand spirit. Pottery masters joked, Daphne for his creation of the sphere on three drafts, finished products, can be said to be very satisfactory. It is reported that the two singles will be issued successively income SHE and Rene's latest album, and in the national media a strong broadcasting, and combined with the latest songs filmed commercials is also expected to meet with the national audience.

Recently, Asia famous shoes brand Daphne force invited Chinese music master David Tao personally fencing for Daphne degrees body creation a support advertising singles good mood Just be yourself under, and take by arranger Shang of mystery using, creation out speed two species version, respectively by Daphne D18 and D28 of spokesmen--SHE and Rene to deductive, interpretation out has today girl and woman of life mood and on life ideal of pursuit. Two versions in different styles, but similar, trusting cooperation in this unprecedented lineup will be able to set off the 2007 hot  new balance 576 uk   topic of Chinese music. Meanwhile, a recording of the complete filming footage will soon be broadcast on all major television, all three group fans of stars like Daphne and this feast can be borrowed.

In a live interview, always lively and lovely SHE is laughing again and again, trio to say the song is very much in line with Daphne's brand image, while emphasizing the rhythm of this song for their spectrum light melody of the chorus is also pretty nifty, easy to sing, fun styles and triple State of mind is very much in. Conveyed by the song "myself, really, Just be yourself" spirit is Daphne's spirit of the brand, each female desire to strive for an attitude to life. Speaking of Maestro David Tao, three girls SHE kind of called it "little rascal", two groups of men who have known each other for a long time, are very familiar with each other, but never formally worked. Hebe said pottery Masters student recognize their idol, this time to be able to work together can be said to be the round itself a big wish.

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