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new balance 580 mens one of China's most successful

Daphne International Holdings Limited, formerly known as Victoria success Group International
Limited, in 1990, foreseen in quality footwear with a huge market potential in China, founded the
group own brands "Daphne", manufacture and sale of ladies ' footwear, becoming    new balance 580 mens  one of China's most successful domestic brands, since 1996 for many years were awarded the title of the best-selling domestic product. At present, the "Daphne" into "D28" and "D18" two series, targeted females, aged 20-45 and 15-30, respectively. Daphne Greece mythological figure, see the Daphne Laurel goddess, she was the river god daughter, Apollo pursuing Laurel. Otherwise a fashion brand of this word.

"Daphne" name comes from the Greece myths, so Daphne LOGO design using many Greece elements, Daphne d as a basic component. Greece goddess love myth of the Sun God Apollo and Daphne was Daphne space design theme, "I wish that every woman who enters the Daphne, is like talking about a relationship, experience a gorgeous scene, and even find themselves, so today a girl or woman tomorrow, confident woman will be led by Daphne-newborn moved. ”

Is given the mythology shoes logo design simple and easy, gives simple and clean, and are often
simple things that are giving a feast for the eyes, coupled with the myth, its logo was used in
Greece elements, new balance 996 women   Daphne, covered with a veil. Love is a ancient not changed of theme, myth gives
has this brand magic of charm, more to has Daphne of design space, each a female are hopes on one gorgeous of love, Daphne caught female of psychological, put myth in the of element into to shoes
in the, again combines modern of pop fashion element, bold innovation, strongly for female build a
double belonging to they themselves of shoes, let each a wearing has Daphne shoes of female, can
from found real of themselves, can from back confident.

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