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new balance minimus sale becoming one of China's most

Daphne International Holdings Limited, formerly known as Victoria success Group International
Limited, in 1990, foreseen in quality footwear with a huge market potential in China, founded the
group own brands "Daphne", manufacture and sale of ladies ' footwear,    new balance minimus sale  becoming one of China's most successful domestic brands, since 1996 for many years were awarded the title of the best-selling domestic product. At present, the "Daphne" into "D28" and "D18" two series, targeted females, aged 20-45 and 15-30, respectively. In 1995, the Group was officially listed on the stock exchange of Hong Kong Limited Board (0210), lay the important milestone for the group.

To diversify and expand market share, Daphne, an active agent of international brands, introduction to Chinese customers a wide range of foreign-branded footwear. In 2002, Daphne first won the "adidas" right of Chinese retail and specialized shops and counters set up in different parts  new balance 577 sale  of the country. In 2004, the Daphne to actively expand market share and increase business elements, created for various age and gender of the second own brand "shoe". The group already has hundreds of "shoe box" stores, the group will continue to expand its sales network.

In 2005, China Shoes Footwear Superstore SHOEBOX shoe ever came into being, together with Daphne to seize the market and increase market share. In support of this powerful marketing system. Company and the POS system to enhance information management capacity and improve the logistics system, improve distribution capacity, and redesign of store image to differentiate into Daphne, Daphne and Daphne D18 youth shop D28 classical shop, making the brand more clear and specific. In 2006, to enter the Taiwan market, to copy the success stories on the continent to Taiwan, to reach the group became the world-famous brand long-term goals went a step further.

Spokesman Rene as Daphne D28 series this interpretation of the good mood Just be yourself
Slower version of the genre, tea also did this with R& B style songs yourself has always
wanted to try singing. And David Tao's cooperative and very happy, and hailed the ceramic masters
of professional and dedicated, wishes once again achieved by Daphne in the future opportunities
for cooperation.

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