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Jiangsu   nike blazer mid womens is the CBA's tradition

Jiangsu   nike blazer mid womens is the CBA's traditional teams, but three seasons in a row, the former four are out of the playoff door is disheartening, in the outside world into the downturn the major reasons are enough. In order to facilitate continued co-operation with the Sports Bureau, Club commitments will increase investment, every effort must be made to play the top eight for the new season, Club insiders, "the new season will reach more than 40 million. ”
This summer, Li Xuelin and renewal in the Beijing team got bogged down on. With the introduction of Beijing Zhang qingpeng, further enhancing the strength of the defensive line, Beijing Li Xuelin and has not renewed. As to where Li Xuelin, is not yet clear."Not an unfamiliar environment, toting SBL King of assists and steals rings, Chen Shinian Shandong fans naturally there will be full of expectation.
When it comes to the next prepared, Xu Qiang said, "this training mainly to prepare for the physical fitness test, 22nd, we practiced very womens air jordan well, player initiative are very strong players like wulan physically difficult, but now they are on the internal test standard. End of September beginning of October to take part in some warm-up matches towards the team running in the shortest time to adjust to the best State to nike air yeezy 2 womens meet the CBA. ”

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