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James states struggling , naturally has its inherent reason: August 25 but yesterday Luohan Chen also has flaws in the game , shot 3 -point shot three times without a hit , cheap nike air max but also appeared in the case of three non-stick . " Throw the ball a little indecisive three points , because before the score is mainly to break and now have put my opponent cast three points, three points must then be practiced hard ball ." Luohan Chen said in an interview after the game . And a decade later

Today we give up the opportunity to young players rushed the stage to exercise their highest in the world . From the 2009 Asian Championships in Tianjin began , through the 2010 Guangzhou Asian Games and the World Championships in Turkey , the 2011  nike air max motion nsw uk Asian Championships in Wuhan , to the 2012 London Olympics and the 2013 Asian Championships in the Philippines fiasco . Five years, we missed a few times to inject fresh blood into the national team , the opportunity to complete the replacement of old , Wangzhe Lin , Ding Yan Yu-hang, and a number of young players do not stand the test of the impact of the international teams do not feel the baptism of the world basketball thinking, how Wang , who can take over the hands of the banner. CBA in recent seasons the club have introduced high quality foreign aid , Bayi been a huge hit , score retreat, even based on 14 -game losing streak this season, ending the regular season , 37- year-old veteran Wang also decided to retire. But Big Zhi retired but has not been approved applications . Opponents to grab rebounds burst Haddadi a person pick 24 plates of course , last night, the players were still fighting spirit touched the coaching staff , coach Hu Xuefeng said emotionally: "This ball lose , but I can not find blame the players reason


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