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adidas zx 700 sale experience a gorgeous scene

Daphne "got its name from the Greece myths, so Daphne LOGO design uses many Greece elements, Daphne d as fundamental units, weaving, rivers, Laurel (tree), bows and arrows, harp etc one by one together, symbolizing the eternal Chase for love. Greece goddess God Apollo and Daphne's love Daphne space design theme is myth, "I want to make a woman who stepped into Daphne, is like talking about a fall in love,   adidas zx 700 sale   experience a gorgeous scene, or even yourself as you find, so whatever girl today or tomorrow woman, confident women will be led by Daphne-newborn moved. ”

Daphne fashion shoes since the beginning of the 90 's popular city of "Daphne" brand shoes from Yu Yongen international group. Group was founded in 1990 in the city, and production and sale of "Daphne" women's shoes. Since its establishment, seven have been built in the city, with modern equipment and scientific management of the shoe-making enterprises and eight shoe accessory factory. "Daphne" women's shoes to lead the trend of design, strong production team, excellent quality and perfect service shoe industry dominate in China.

Elegant birds (China) Limited was founded in 1987, is a collection of sports shoes, clothing and related products development, production and marketing of integrated businesses, are growing most rapidly in recent years Chinese sportswear brand, has won the China famous brand, Chinese famous brand products, national inspection-free product, tax, such as AAA grade credit Enterprise honorary title. Today, vision of magnate bird, are efforts towards more high of target towards, for love life, pursuit self and free   cheap adidas zx 750   of consumers provides more comfortable, and more professional of products, advocate "moderate, and easily, and health" of movement way, interpretation "life, is a movement" of new movement advocated, to unmanned can block of sports spirit and national passion, continues to promoted China sports career of health development.

ABC fashion shoes, all to the healthy growth of children as any! ABC brand Yu Shang century 80 generation in Taiwan official established, 90 generation entered China mainland market; in a dozen years time within, quickly became domestic cities of consumption new sharp; entered era Hou, company keen insight market, decisive decided vigorously inputs Yu children supplies market, and Yu Wenzhou, and Jinjiang, to established production base, created has children brand of chapter, and Yu annually 100-200% of amazing speed quickly development. Adhere to "love brands, education is the King" idea for brand marketing in order to "help China children and teenagers ' healthy growth," responsibility of Taiwan brand ABC was established to "education, public service" brand culture philosophy of nature. And professional skills, advanced design, strict quality control, well-built, suitable for China's children's brand. All the healthy growth of children-has been appointed ABC who will make unswerving efforts, carefully propped up a sun shines on our motherland children and adolescents with love!

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