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HAHAHA!! what a funny girl! so what i cant spell? atleast im a honest acts like shes 5"teacher teacher she said this! na na na im telling""look at me im so cool bla bla she so immature"no ones perfect,, maybe that cunt cant suck off her boyfriend wellwho knows?I am Bi and a very happy person so atleast i get a lot of pussy to be happy,unlike most  sexually deprived little girls on here that act bi for attentiondo not trust bbcloset!i've met up with and i also know her personallyShe has no tits and all her clothing is for girls like herwho bretend they have tits.If you want clothes covered with lint and poor quality then go ahead,, her clothing is for girls who wear a 2 cup push up bra like her,,shes a sad person because she acts like she has a good figure like most asian girls
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Location: Smelly Smelly Smelly Smelly Pussy Baby-love, BC Canada
Created on: November 27, 2011 02:45:35 PST
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FAKE NAIL, BRETEND TO HAVE FAKE BOOBS ....So what does that tell you when someone is all fake??She is PURE fakesomeone real has nothing on her fake so do NOT get her garbageshe NEVER answers her phone