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Anna Sui Super Black Volume Up Mascara

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Features (taken from Murale website):
Blending in an increased amount of black pigment has successfully created an ultra dark black (that we call “Black Diamond”) which produces the appearance of longer lashes. Thanks to the flat surface of the mascara’s coating when it dries, eyelashes reflect light evenly to achieve a glowing finish. The rich black color and added luster fully maximize the length of your eyelashes to give your eyes an impressive look. Lash Maximizer produces overwhelming volume and has curling effects as well, to realize gorgeous, voluminous eyelashes. Blending in High-Fix Polymers makes the mascara fibers adhere to even short or thin lashes. Make them say WOW with smoldering jet-black lashes that have a bewitching luster. Achieve ultra voluminous lashes!!! Reapply for a more voluminous look.

Features and Benefits
Water-resistant formula. “Square comb” brush: The square cross-section of the brush facilitates easy combing and separation of the lashes. The combined use of filaments with different thicknesses, which are cut short evenly, helps the mascara adhere firmly to the lashes and helps ensure that an ample amount of formula stays on even the shortest lashes.

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Anna Sui Super Black Volume Up Mascara
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