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FYI: Please note: This list4all page is not to out people who are on list4all. A lot of people posted on the webpages called "buyerbeware" "beware-beware" are all from one person. This person has nothing else better to do with their time than make up false claims about people who are actually trying to sell their clothes. Many people who purchase items like to lie about quality & service. I've dealt with a lot of good people/bad people. It's all about judgement! Don't blame others for your short fall because you failed to double check clothing, prices, sizes etc. If anything, purchasers need to blame themselves for their own mistakes. A LOT of the sellers on this website are actually honest, but these idiot pages "beware-beware" "buyerbeware" give innocent people a bad reputation for absolutely no reason! If you have tried to purchase from someone else and they can't make it and actually let you know they can't make the date/time confirmed, it doesn't consitute as bailing out. At least they are honest enough to inform you.  If you can't give a seller a VALID phone number to meet, they are allowed to decide not to meet up with you because guess what PEOPLE DON'T LIKE THEIR TIME BEING WASTED ON FLAKEY BUYERS!! IT GOES BOTH WAYS PEOPLE! BAD SELLERS/BAD BUYERS! Make up your own mind and follow your own judgement. If something goes wrong, you can't always blame the person you bought/traded from.
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