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distinguish when the vans authentic, you should also

Wan Sifan shoes most of the production in the United States and Japan appeared on the market. Authentic shoe soles in general are Vance r letter identification. And side of each pair of shoes is stamped, and each pair of shoes also has its own number, even if it is the same batch of shoes, on the numbering is also different.  cheap air jordan 5 retro  Vance of shoe flexibility is very good, if shoes are stiff, then pay attention to vans to distinguish. Because these types of shoes are very likely to be fakes. In addition, learn how to distinguish when the vans authentic, you should also note that most authentic shoes Vance in the toe section is a little more prominent, while the holiday is likely to be completely flat, icing is not strong enough, since shoes Vance is end of beef tendon, so focus is relatively high, if the shoes are very light weight, the boss will tell you this is

Product, it's often a liar. After you understand the issue, I believe that you have some knowledge of how to distinguish vans authentic. But Vance shoes you want to buy genuine, also best in regular stores to buy, so you can make sure your shoes are completely themselves. A devotee of soccer shoes, some very familiar with Nike bees, wasps were solicitation of world famous football player developed out of a soccer shoe, thus bees of the fine points. Shortly after past 2014 FIFA World Cup, I believe there are many who still stay in the amazing race on, in addition to the player's performance, players feet shoes are also not to be missed, Nike bees be shine in the World Cup, Klose at the foot of boots, but some more attention. Bees not only convince in performance

We, more stylish color schemes to capture our hearts. Following several small series to introduce bees color scheme: bees, green and black color scheme when released, is moving from Paris Saint-Germain's Sweden striker Zlatan womens air jordan 4 retro  Ibrahimovic showed on the pitch. When it comes to the World Cup, when you care about Nike bees when listing when its color scheme is concern about the World Cup, the wasps at the World Cup the color scheme to light green tone, with black logo, footbed and sole main theme is black with orange logo. In this World Cup, I believe many people impressed by the red color of bees, Nike Swoosh on the outline of a circle of very thick black lines, which approximate a pop art design. After similar to a neon light effect of bright yellow and red, combined to make an excellent Visual effects. In addition to the yellow Swoosh,

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