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starting from midfield, Maradona dribbling

Brazil, 61,381 spectators at Turin's delle ALPI Stadium witnessed the moment. On 81 minutes, Maradona takes the ball in midfield, first in the lap lane changes across the Alai mountain, then escaped the Dunga tackles with the ball and using fake breakthrough came down, look up, in several Brazil players formed when the doubling of potential,Maradona's ground ball to the left unguarded Caniggia, who bypassed goalkeeper buy air jordan 3 uk  Claudio taffarel easily scored. This is perhaps the most incredible assists in Cup history, starting from midfield, Maradona dribbling and dribbling past three men, and defeated the remaining three one-touch passes. When Maradona protruding into the penalty area with the ball, and three Brazil defenders (jiaerweiao, and Jean-Claude Blanc and Gomez) regardless of formation, collective gathered to him, maybe they were Maradona at this moment all the way

Break and the momentum swung, in their response, you can see some kind of panic. Reuters said after the game, Maradona's Flash of 20 seconds, let people see the 1986 team Argentina team shadow, Brazil Rio de Janeiro the globe listed the headline: "Maradona 1:0 Brazil". Diagram for Maradona in the past three, doubling over three Brazil back, there was this famous pass with his right distal Caniggia takes start, scored the fatal shot. World Cup best assists per game was born. In modern football premise increasingly pay attention to high a rowdy, fast-paced, a pair can enhance a player's dribbling ability, can improve the shoes for the shot power and accuracy is particularly important. Precision, power, this is the way to success! New PUMA evoPOWE

R it is in this context that gave birth to it. So far as carrying a boots of the PUMA's top science and technology, evoPOWER has been including CESC Fabregas, maerke·luoyisi, Mario Balotelli, Yaya Toure and many other top players to follow. EvoPOWER has magical powers to make countless stars fall for? Preheat of evoair jordan 11 for sale  POWER originated from a type of "newspaper" camouflage sneakers, and PDS also has limited release this unique "football style" sneakers. EvoPOWER design inspiration comes from playing barefoot, I believe many people have this kind of feeling, most original bare feet will bring kicker on the ball the most realistic control forces. Research results show that played barefoot due to the flexibility of the foot without restriction and therefore greater physical strength than wearing boots;

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