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adidas porsche bounce sl sale shoes have an advantage

Reporters found in market research, leather shoes than pigs. Girl behind the counter said, at least 8 of 10 customers choose cattle leather shoes. The reason is simple, leather surface is smooth and beautiful, the pores of the skin rough and unsightly.From the perspective of a comfortable, healthy, pig leather   adidas porsche bounce sl sale   shoes have an advantage. Because of pig skin rough, so pig leather shoes more ventilation, dehumidification, making feet feel more comfortable. In recent years, women wear thick-soled big shoes, shoes full weight. Some men love to wear heavy shoes, arguing that they wear heavy shoes to wear manly.

And according to the scientific statistics, feet weighs 1 gram body weight 7 g; foot half a catty, and three and a half pounds. Wearing such shoes to walk, people easily exhausted, and tired foot joints will secrete an acid, and adverse to human health. PU, rubber foam, rubber foam soles have been low, it is suitable for wearing. It is clear that walking in high heels easier aching leg pain, so many people think the heel the better. In fact, the flat is not the most desirable heel height. According to reports,  adidas originals porsche 550 sale   a man who stood without shoes when, four-fifths above-gravity on the heel, which is beyond its reach and heel height when 5-6 cm, toe two-thirds body bear the weight of, while leaning forward, resulting in a toe bone, spine deformation. It is understood that both men and women, the perfect heel height is 2-3.

Now young men and students like to wear sneakers, sneaker soft, comfortable and robust durability. But often wears, and feet are likely to have "wet". Moisture "is" feet wet ", the doctor called" athlete's foot ". It is secreted by the body's perspiration caused by the fungus to survive and reproduce. Human foot, the UMAO is the toe part, moisture is difficult to send out, inside the shoe is often wet, this mold and reproduction have created favorable conditions for the activities, so wear shoes easily "athlete's foot".

So, wear sports shoes how to prevent "athlete's foot"? Method is very simple, is necessary to keep the shoes in a clean, dry, and often wash (do not use SOAP to wash the rubber part), after night, take off your shoes, put it in a well-ventilated place. Better buy some dehydration of alum (anhydrous alum) or anhydrous calcium chloride, lime are also available, wrapped in gauze, night in absorbing moisture in the shoes the next day put gauze in airtight containers in the morning, you want to stop, so that you can wear everyday dry sneakers. In addition, wear sneakers should also pay attention to the feet of clean, don't give mildew infested opportunity, "athlete's foot" can be reduced or ceased. Alcohol has a bactericidal effect to get rid of shoe odor, works perfectly. Charcoal deodorant.

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