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nike free run 2 womens and wipe with a dry cloth

Faux leather: artificial leather cleaner is simple, just use a damp cloth to clean the leather with a dry cloth and wipe surface immediately after. Avoid long term maintenance oil to wipe the upper of the shoe, which can cause small cracks in shoe upper leather. Frosted leather (anti-fur): upper clean of such material is relatively simple, you only need a small brush clean and dry in leather, brushing in one direction, in order to ensure the lifespan of the shoe, when we usually try to avoid contact with the water and oily stuff upper.

Leather: This leather cleaner is the easiest, crafted with this vamp doesn't suck water, we can find a wet cloth and wipe dry with a dry cloth. Special fabric leather: this material cleaning methods can use the small brush add detergent to the water clean uppers where dirty, then clean with small brush dipped water,  nike free run 2 womens    and wipe with a dry cloth. Reminder: do not use brushes and water directly to paint the upper, avoid maintenance uppers with shoe Polish, which will reduce the life of the shoe itself

Wears inappropriate shoes, are harmful to health, and may even cause a variety of diseases. When wearing ill-fitting shoes too small or too tight to walk the foot bubble, feet can quickly fatigue, then dominate the nerves of the foot corresponding position from Yuan-waist also fatigue, but also through the spinal cord to the brain. Because there are a lot of points on the feet, foot disease is bound to affect internal organs. Healthy shoes must pay attention to three points. 1, shoes heel height to fit, heel can rationalize the Arch of 2-3cm, before the man's hips, and abdomen tightens, chest up, make people look tall and vibrant. Flat shoes cause a person's Center of gravity was too far back,   nike free run 3 mens   tamp the ground with the heel when walking, vibration can reach the brain. High heels make the toes, metatarsal labored to increase and squeeze, make ankle, knee stress increases, waist, abdomen must be quite forward to keep balanced, easily lead to waist and hip muscles ﹑ ﹑ ligament strain. A long time, toe variant, any formation of hallux valgus Bunion. In real life, short to wear high heels to increase height. Actually the height of the heel should be proportional to the height, short of wearing high heels is more harmful.

2, proper shoes should be appropriate, too tight shoes can squeeze her feet, the formation of hallux valgus feet develop corns, calluses. Loose shoes, wandering in the feet in sandals, shoes are not followed, plantar straining any wear and pain. Due to different sock thickness for all seasons, shoes for long will be of pine, larger, even the foot sooner or later, the size is different, so bring shoes regulating is appropriate. Bending difficult older people to wear open shoes. Worthy of attention of parents is that it must not let children tight shoes, otherwise it will let children grow into deformity of the foot. To set aside some space when you buy shoes, feet to replace shoes when they grow up.

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