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Shoe buried underground "fermentation" before being sold

Shoe buried underground "fermentation" before being sold, is absolutely unique
Saying the brand is service brand is quality, brand is a unique culture. As the Korea kimchi, hand-made leather shoes in the ground for more than 6 months, is the texture and color of shoes. In Italy the industrial cities in Northern Milan's Montenapoleone Street in downtown, not only there are many luxury brands, and formation process varies for these brands, approached them and you'll find a lot of wonders.

Silvano Lattanzi brand formation order, is said to be 7 months, or even take a year to complete product production. Leather shoes using absolutely pure hand-made, and then to achieve color and texture, they'll make   mizuno wave prophecy 2 sale   shoes in the ground after 6 months. Therefore their products are scarce and sold 7 pairs of shoes a day, more than a year to produce more than 2000 pairs. Only a small number of customers really understand the value of brand shoes, once the customer has bought a product, then we will no longer shop there is a second, the Manager said.

How to identify the type of shoes, shoes
Some people buy shoes, feel fit but don't know type of shoes to wear and shoes, and the reason is try out fit. In fact have a discerning eye to see shoe marks on the clear. , 5 kinds of tokens
Markup to shoes, shoes generally have 5 kinds of tokens:
1) sizes are marked leather length; 2) number consistent with the double number to prevent wrong; 3) models, are marking shoe too fat; 4) product rating and inspection work, generally with the same stamp, grade level, second level. Also some genuine, substandard goods, which indicate the quality  nike flyknit air max cheap  of the product and the price difference. Inspection work number is the code inspectors. 5) trademarks, goods marks and symbols of prestige. Specifications and quality.

Second, type-specific
These 5 marks each have important roles, but some people just don't understand, how specific is the model simple. The number represents the length of the shoe, such as "25", shoes, refers to fit foot length (25 plus or minus 0.2) cm worn here. Shoe express depending on the type, divided into 1-5-1 is the thinnest, 1234 and fertilizer, 5 is the fattest. Some people love to use old shoes, this simple, such as "40" shoes, moving into a new number is 40 plus 10 divided by 2, the new shoe size.

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