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salomon speedcross 3 sale connected to the big toe and

Toe wear. If upper visible on top of the big toe or little toe out traces of more lenient means your soles, shoes are too small. Current uniform when withstand weight of the foot and toe joints became unstable, so that the foot deformation. In addition, the shoes are too small can lead to ingrown toenail or clawed toes. Suggestion: more loose shoe on flat shoes, keep your toes inside the shoes themselves.

Lateral wear on the big toe. Big toe caused due to hallux valgus lateral wear, that is   salomon speedcross 3 sale  connected to the big toe and foot joints due to tilted more than 15 degrees. When walking, these patients tend to heel lifted too early, putting too much pressure on the big toe.

Hallux valgus are usually caused by congenital, or because the toes caused by long-term downward stretch, such as sedentary, often wear high heels, and so on. Hallux valgus can cause corns, calluses and dead skin soles yellow. Suggestion: put soft insoles in shoes, few ever narrower shoes, high heel shoes, usually slowly stretching the calf muscles, active ankle, relax the Achilles tendon.

Lateral wear of soles. Normal wear and tear of gravity in the middle of the heel of the shoe, and can be seen from the heel lateral tilt of approximately 4 degrees, but if the tilt is greater than 4 degrees, it shows lateral heel stress too much, this is usually due to high arches make excess weight tend to be outside, causing lateral wear of the shoes stand out.

This walk can easily lead to sprains and injuries, chronic stress can also lead to uneven wear outer cartilage of the knee, causing arthritis. This way will put pressure on the hip and causes long pain of sitting and standing skeletons. Recommendation: consult Podiatry or orthopedic surgeon for gait training and develop correct walking posture, which was corrected by bone structure. Wear on the inside of the sole. If the inside of the heel showed obvious wear, which can be caused by Varus or flat feet. If arch flat, when they land in the middle of the foot, foot tilt inward, resulting in medial heel wear prominent.

In some cases, shoes also represent the impression you want to make. Time travel, a fellow friend lifted his foot, showing off his shoe to me. Shoes while he is abroad spend a lot of money, he said, seems to be shining in his eyes. Another time,   air max 2013 cheap   I had an interview with a big boss, in his spotless Office, and I had no shoes, no need for disposable shoes, I can calmly and wearing this pair of shoes on my feet. And the big boss, wearing a pair of ordinary people do not often wear shoes, and meet me happily.

Of course, when it comes to shoes, men as compared to women. On the Web, I saw a girl in Tan shoes, starting from the first pair of shoes has been Sun-49th double. It is said that this is just child's play, and some women, Shoe cabinets the size of a wall. I do not envy this girl shoes: behind every pair of shoes, she wrote all the original buying mood, but the absence of these shoes in the experience of life on the road.

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