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new balance 990 womens running shoes and avant-garde point of view

Lee brand menswear denim market success, set a good foundation for denim series debut. Subsequently, the Lee company has founded the brand series is suitable for all ages, set up a solid huge Cowboys Kingdom. Today, LEE has a long history of making it the United States another staple of jeans. Its products in both traditional     new balance 990 womens running shoes     and avant-garde point of view, still retains a certain standard and value, has become a byword for both classic and trendy jeans.Lee is the world famous jeans brand, was born in 1889, has a history of over 100 years. With an innovative and classic design, Lee Jeans jeans classic with authority, its products both in the traditional to the avant-garde point of view, retains some level and value, known as one of the world's three major jeans brand.

New Balance,1906 years, William j. Riley in United States city Boston Marathon was established, has now become the favourite brand of many successful entrepreneurs and political leaders, in the United States and many other countries is known as "the President jogging shoes," "running shoes." New Balance was established in 1906 in United States since Boston, adheres to the spirit of   new balance 574 women trainers   manufacturing excellence, continuous technological material, product appearance and comfort continue to make progress. Only constant is the New Balance 100% to high standards of ethics, customer satisfaction, team player to run, with a view to becoming a high-tech, high-quality world leader in sports and leisure products.

In 1906, William j. Riley in the United States set up in Boston called for New Balance arch support company, tailored shoes orthopedic arch supports and orthotics. One day when he was watching the chickens in the yard, and finds the chicks three claws keep their balance,  womens new balance 993 running shoes   so he will be inspired to use the foot arch support for the design and development, New Balance's name came into being, and Riley from the chicken claw shape inspired it has also become a legend.

With the development of business, 50 New Balance started making sports shoes for local runners, including MIT's track and field team. In 1956, Paul and his wife from the hands of Mr Riley has bought New Balance company. Since then, manufacture of footwear developed into a steady growth of the company's main business. In 1960, the New Balance produced the "TRACKSTER" series of sneakers, which is the world's first can provide a wide width shoe sneaker, this will be the shoe-making industry initiatives.

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