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Fibroblast Growth Factor from Development to Cancer

Fibroblast growth that signal (FGFR is) controls the events such as mesoderm patterning such in embryos up to the development of multiple organ systems via the FGF receptor, to regulate developmental pathways basic factor (of FGF). FGF signaling also extends to physiological role of many of the adult organism, including the regulation of wound repair and angiogenesis. The FGFR, and is expressed on cell types on many different, FGF growth such differentiation and has regulate important cellular behaviors such as survival signaling more susceptible to destruction by cancer cells.

There is convincing evidence of FGF signaling deregulation for the pathogenesis of many cancers derived from the tissue types are different. By driving the proliferation and survival of cancer cells directly abnormal FGF signaling, by and to support tumor angiogenesis, it is possible to promote the development of tumors. The mouse model, but also confirmed that the FGF signaling is hid carcinogenic potential, importantly fibroblast growth factor signaling, have demonstrated that it is possible to have a tumor suppressor function in a particular context.

Fibroblast Growth Factor from Development to CancerFibroblast Growth Factor from Development to Cancer
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