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More Reliably Treated with rhBMP-2 Filled Fusion Cages

Boden et al.1 reported the results of lumbar interbody arthrodesis for 14 patients with a single- level lumbar degenerative disc disease. Patients were treated with tapered cylindrical threaded fusion cage filled with rhBMP-2/collagen sponge or autogenous iliac crest bone. They were evaluated with radiographs, CT, and Short Form-36 and Oswestry outcome questionnaires.


All 11 patients who received rhBMP-2 were judged by three independent radiologists to have solid fusions from 6 months post-operatively, whereas only two of the three control patients were deemed to be fused. The Oswestry Disability Questionnaire scores of the rhBMP-2 group improved sooner (after 3 months) than those of the autograft group with both groups demonstrating similar improvement at 6 months. Short Form-36 scores continued to improve up to 24 months. In conclusion, the arthrodesis occurred more reliably in patients treated with rhBMP-2-filled fusion cages than in controls with autogenous bone graft click biologicscorp. There were no adverse events related to the rhBMP-2 treatment, but we should note that the sample size of this study was limited.


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