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The Survivor Manual

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The CBS hit show survivor has been ground-breaking television since its first season on the air, and is poised to continue its domination of both the airwaves and our national conversation with new locations, challenges and survivors. The survivor manual is the real deal - based on techniques taught to the US Armed Forces and tested in actual survival situations over decades, the information in the book could help you beat any weather condition, any circumstance, any odds. This fully illustrated guide will show you how to:

-Establish orientation and find direction
- Perform first aid
- Travel over any type of terrain, from glaciers to quicksand
-Identify edible plants
-Fish and trap
-Withstand a blizzard
-Survive in groups
- Construct a shelter
-Live through an avalanche
-Spot poisonous plants and snakes
-And much much more "                      

The Survivor Manual
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