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Fun-Pix i-pen

Fun-Pix i-pen
- turn your PC or laptop into a modified version of a tablet
- comes with pad and replacement tips for the pen
- can also use the pen as a mouse

NOTE: I never used the "Fun-Pix" program, but I mostly use the pen as a mouse and a pen in Microsoft "One-Note"

- it works great if you're solving math/physics/organic chemistry problems
- saves paper, keep things organized
- great gift for students
- I bought 2 and was going to give the second one as a gift before I realized my friend already bought a tablet-pc
Fun-Pix i-penFun-Pix i-penFun-Pix i-pen
Item #: 41
Price: $30.00 (CAD)
Status: Sold
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Location: Vancouver, BC Canada
Last update: 12 years ago
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