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clothing culture is expressed perfectly combines


Kehuafei (MARK FAIRWHALE) known as the "Chinese fashion"---MARK CHEUNG MARK FAIRWHALE family is undoubtedly the best "architect". He specializes in spiritual and pure design style used in painting, film, music, cheap adidas zx flux trainers and other artistic elements, borrowed heavily and Western clothing culture is expressed perfectly combines the aesthetic essence of traditional Chinese culture, and spared no effort to provide intellectual with beautifully satisfying "dream plumage". Sports or business? what a wave, I'd choose that brand. If you really don't know which brand jacket, and then two types each one, with styles to show to others, make them the envy it! Air Zoom and Max air cushion shoes are NIKE's products, many consumers confuse the two products, in fact these products both in

Design and functions on a larger difference. Air Max zoom and what good is a matter of opinion. Because each consumer's preferences are different, scope changes, the design of these shoes, functional requirements are different. Here are from a third party point of view to compare these two types of shoes. Air Max zoom which is better, first must be a function, and design goals. Air cushion shoes Air Max Nike launched the second, which is on air cushion shoes are modified on the basis of cushioned shoe. Air classic series has no doubt, the shoes cushion of powerful people still forget. AirMax and modified design adds fuel to role play to the mechanism of the starting point, reduce the possibility of harm to the body in the movement to give

Most powerful protection. Compared to Air Max, zoom air cushion is definitely a must so that athletes understand and identify the directions, although not every athlete needs to cushion the amount is so powerful, but AirMax cushion but cannot get ignored at the bottom. Compared to Air Max, zoom, zoom is a subsidiary of Nike air cushion  adidas zx 850 womens series ultra thin and light, this design is used mainly for basketball shoes, running shoes, training shoes, such as on the series. Compare with AirMax, shoes shoes cushion is more soft and comfortable, elastic is also very good. After wear, able to mobilize the most rapid and sensitive reflection, particularly guards and small forwards, particularly suitable for wearing the shoes. Simply put, if AIRMAXd air cushion is known for its powerful, then zoom is known for its delicate and sensitive. As for the air

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