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global business new balance 577 sale is booming

In 1996, joined L.v.m.h group, Louis Vuitton, which greatly expanded her space. Not only mass production of traditional products superior bags, are also involved in industries such as fashion, watches, jewelry, business activities accounted for 70% of the Group's total business.
In 2004, Louis Vuitton celebrated its 150 anniversary of, respectively, in places such as New York, Hong Kong, Tokyo and Shanghai celebrates party venues the Tabernacle erected huge luggage, extend a lofty salute to brand founder. Brand also in India, and Russia, China, and South Africa opened its flagship store, testimony to the brand's global business new balance 577 sale  is booming. Full of historical value of the Champs Elysees Avenue, the main office building after renovation, has opened again in October 2005, on the one hand witness for more than 150 years of glorious achievements.
France Palace-level luxury brand Louis Vuitton history, began with a walking tour that spans as far. In 1835, the LVMH (Louis Vuitton) was 14 years old, will bid farewell to close Switzerland border Jura mountains hometown of Anchay village, 250 miles to travel to Paris on foot into the world. From the mill and Carpenter's House, he, in route to be taken in on a number of small jobs to solve three meals a day and earn money, then specializes in wood products trade, while letting his craft made of beech and poplar wood was diligent and enjoy a lifetime of experience.
Arrived in 1837, Louis Vuitton flowers, artisans and had the privilege of becoming a famous luggage Marechal Layetie-Emballeur apprentices, when craftsmen are collectively referred to as the trunk Layetie-Emballeur. In 1837, France the first rail line, in 1838 a European steam ship successfully crossing the Atlantic for the first time, signs era the dawn of modern tourism, artisans Paris luggage made of Aspen wood suitcase is very delicate, specializing in royalty they pick up gorgeous bags, new balance minimus sale  so the capital Paris to the sharp increase in demand for its products along with it. In 1853, Louis Vuitton had been promoted to Chief Assistant to the boss and become the most trusted experts in the trunk of Empress Eugenie, suddenly sound 10 times.
After becoming Emperor, from upper social strata of fashionable guests immediately flock to come. Louis Vuitton in 1854 and married, made important decisions to set up their own company in the same year. [6] his wife Rue Neuve Des Capucines, fourth in the premier districts (today the Rue des Capucines) opening the store, site selection with Van Gogh-Plaza (Place Vendome) and the subsequent construction of the Opera House is just a stone's throw away.

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