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550+ cd's old, new, popular, live performances, 2 discs, greatest hits

This collection is already reduced low enough

This collection is basically for those who love to collect cd's. This collection has some of the great musicians of all time. Also includes some new ones too that are bought a year a go.

This collect includes Greatest hits, random bands, Live performances, Special edition cd's New cd's Old cd's All in good condition, well known bands etc. Most of the stuff ranges from pop, rap, new, country, something for everyone. Most of them are in good condition. Cd's themselves are good condition even if they are a bit old.
99.5 % of the cd's have with jewel cases and pages etc
Vancouver Seeds 99.3 the fox
Romeo and Juilet Soundtrack
Chesky Record Jazz Sampler & Audiophile
Retro's 80's.
90's rewind
What the funk 20th century masters
Disco fever 21 al time disc hits .
ClubEliro Volume 2
Twisted Tunes Homegrown originals Vol.1
Big shiny tunes 3 .
Groove station 11
Now 3 .
Dance 2003
dance 1997 x 2
Dance mix 1995
Big shiny tunes 90's Muchmusic
Groove station 7
Groove station 4
Groove station 3
The beat 94.5 fm Hit music
The beat 94.5 a universal present the beat summer soundtrack 2005
The roots of acid jazz
Shaggy Boombastic Full length album
Salt and pepper Very Nessessary
Mceiht featuring cmw We Come stepped
Black Box dreamland
.Spice 1 Amer kkk A's nightmare 2x
Next Too close
Dumb and Dumber soundtrack
Forest gump Soundtrack
Stand by me soundtrack
Adam Sandler What the hell happened to me?
Dangerous minds michelle pfeiffer 2x
Pulp Fiction soundtrack
Dazed and Confused They found your stash
Whitney houston The bodyGuard
Top gun soundtrack
Dazed and Confused The film everyone will be talking about soundtrack
Men and black when in black The album soundtrack
Wreck N effect soundtrack
Fat boy Max a million
It's about time smv
Coolio It's all the way live (now)
La Bouche Sweet Dreams
Run Dmc Down with the kings
A blitz of salt n pepa
Soul for real Candy Rain
Bell biv Devoe The poison
TatyanaAll Kiss the sky
More abba Gold Abba hits
10,000 Maniacs / MTV Unplugge
2 Unlimited / Get Ready
Above The 49th / Volume 1 Pop Folk
Ace Of Base / The Bridge
Acen / 75 Minutes
Adam Ant / Wonderful
Alternative Rock Hits
An Electrifying Sci-Fi Spectacular
An Emotional Fish
Anita Baker / Compositions
Arrested Development / Zingalamaduni
Axelle Red / Toujours Moi
Bernie Greenspoon / Twilight
Big Head Todd & The Monsters / Beautiful World
Big Head Todd & The Monsters / Strategem
Bill Douglas / Circle Of Moons
Billy Joel / River Of Dreams
Bob King / Space To Run
Bootsauce / ReBoot
Brand News / Tomorrow
Brewers Association Of Canada / Sound Out!
C + C Music Factory / Gonna Make You Sweat
Candle Box
Carleen Anderson / True Spirit
Celebrating Music West '94 / A Lasting Impression
Celine Dion / Celine Dion
Celine Dion / The Colour Of My Love
Celine Dion / Unison
Cher / Heart Of Stone
Christopher Williams / Not A Perfect Man
Chonk & Ziblo's Fattest Summer
Corey Hart / Young Man Running
Crystal Waters / Surprise
Deborah Cox / Debroah Cox
Decoded And Danced Up / Rhythms of De-Construction
Depeche Mode
Developing Artist Series
Dido / No Angel
Dodgy / Free Peace Sweet
Eve's Plum / Envy
Gabrielle / Find Your Way
Gal / o sorriso do gato de alice
Green Apple / Quick Step Reloaded
Groove Daddys / Bottom Feeder
Hardcore Superstar / Bad Sneakers And A Pina Colada
Herman van Veen / My Cat And I
Holly Mc Norland / Stuff
Indie Pool / Hidden Treasures
Jade / Jad To The Mac
Jade / Mind, Body & Song
Jazmin / Better Be Good
Jennifer Paige
Jerry Legar / Blue Planet
John Cougar Mellencamp / Big Daddy
Johnny Mnemonic / Movie Soundtrack
Jon B. / Cool Relax
Kevin Sharp / Measure Of A Man
Kimgunmo / Myself
Kut Klose / Surrender
LFO / Freqeuncies
Mariachi Bronce / Sabiendo quien era yo.
Martika / Martika's Kitchen
Martin Bartlett / Pythagoras' Ghost=
Marsha Thornton / Maybe The Moon Will Shine
Melanie C / Norhtern Star
Messiah / Twenty First Century Jesus
Michael Penn / Resigned
Neneh Cherry / Homebrew
Patra / Queen Of The Pack
Passionate Pilgrim
Paul Young / From Time To Time
Pebbles / Away
Prince & The New Power Generation / Diamond And Pearls
Prince & The New Power Generation / Love Symbol Album
Prophetic B / N2YourMix
Pump Up The Volume / Movie Soundtrack
Pumps And A Bump / Hammar
Quadripart Project / Emotional Travellog
Robin Black Interglatactic Rock Stars / Planet: Fame
Sabrina The Teenage Witch / The Album
Scherrie Lynda & Sundray / Supreme Voices
Shabba Ranks / Rough & Ready - Volume I
Shabba Ranks / X-Tra Naked
Shakespears Sister / Hormonally Yours
Simply Red / A New Flame
Slick Toxik / Smooth & Deadly
Snap / World Power'
SoulIISoul / Volume II A New Decade
SoulIISoul / Volume III Just Right
Soul Attorneys
Spinal Cord / Why Be Normal?
Stephan Eicher / Engelberg
Stevie B / Funky Melody
Streets / A Rock Opera
Suede / Barely Blue
Sugar / Besides
Sugar / File Under Easy Listening
Sugar Plan / After After Hours
Swing Out Sister / Get In Touch With Yourself
SWV Sisters With Voices / It's About Time
SWV Sisters With Voices / The Remixes
Take That / Nobody Else
Tasmin Archer / Great Expectations
Taster / A Compilation For Music West '97 Delegates
Tattila Belle / Winner In You
Terence Trent D'arby's Symphony Or Damn
The Beat 94.5 / Hit Music Summer Soundtrack Vol. 3 2006
The Calgary Opera Chorus / Celebration
The Cover Girls / Wishing On A Star
The Grapes Of Wrath / These Days
The Holy Body Tattoo / Circa
The Mock Turtles / Turtle Soup
The Philosopher Kings / Famous, Rich And Beautiful
The Presidents Of The United States Of America / II
The Sugar Cubes / Here Today, Tomorrow Next Week!
The Tony Rich Project 'Words'
The Verve Pipe / Villains
Trinh Nam Son / Khanh Ha
Unconditionally Guaranteed 2000.6 / Uncut's Guide
Westend Girls
Wolfman Jack's / Halloween Special
Rest of the blondie
Deeelite World Clidve
Trooper Hotshots
Rythm Syndicate
Changing faces
Nagareth Greatest hits
Thievery Corporation Sounds from the thievery hi-fi
Tom Tom Club The Good The bad And the Funky
Soul asylum Let your dim light shine
Reservoir Dogs The soundtrack
The Stone Roses
ME first and the gimme gimmes Have a ball plus bowling tips
ub40 the best of volume two
Motley crue Red, white & crue
Departures Global underground
Eurythmics Greatest hits
Intercontintal Champion
Animal Names Ballet Bones
Dido No angel
Eve6 HorrorScope
Madonna True Blue
The verve Urban Hymns
The police Every breath you take
Bryan Adams Unplugged 3x
The Wallflowers Red letter days
Mariah Carey Daydream
LeAnn Rimes You light up my life
LeAnn Rimes Blue
Taylor Dayne Can't fight fate
Aerosmith Permanent Vacation
Wallflowers Bringing Down the horse
Our Lady Peace Spiritual Machines
Beastie Boys ill communication
Jewel Pieces of you
Red hot Chilli Peppers What hits
R.E.M Out of time
Green Day Nimrod
Our Lady Peace Happiness
Grave Dances Union Soul Asylum
Gob Foot in the mouth disease
amanda Marshall
Josh House Home
Our Lady Peace Clumsy
Mindy Mcgready Ten thousand Angels
Def Leppard Hysteria
Jann Arden Living Under June
John Cougar Mellencamp Scarecrow
Daft Punk Homework
Cosmic The B-52's thing
All saints Never Ever
Unique 2 Break my stride
White ZOmbie Astro Creep 2000
Phat Global #1Robyn Do you know(what it takes)
Kieth Jarrett The koln Concert
The robert Cray Band
BlackStreet Another Level
Nortec Collective The Tijuana Sessions Vol.1
Mocean worker Intothingair
Halina Babkowski My Childhood
Halina Babkowski From me to you
A ghost to hill again
The chemical Brothers Setting sun
Rare and Brilliant Retro 80's
Maria Marquez
Some Friendly Charlatans Uk
Charlatans uk Between 10th to 11th
Charlatans uk up to our hips
Matchbox 20 Yourself or someone like you 2x
Wyclef Jeans The carnival
Nirvana Nevermind
Don't let go (love) En Vogue
Sophie B. Hawkins Timbre
Spin Doctors Pocket Full of Kryponite
Bossa Nova Ville
Shairah Summer days
Sound Eclectic
Pop will eat itself The looks or the lifestyle
A NEW FLAME Simply red
Mgb Beautiful Midnight
The verve Pipe Villians
The tea party The interzone
Trainspotting Soundtrack
Bionic Sandbox.
Chris isaak Speak of the devil
Redman tonight da night
Sidestepper More grip
Alanis morissette Jagged little pill
Dishwalla Pet your friends
mar velouse hey!album
Guns n's roses the spaghetti incident?
The flys Holiday man
Goo goo dolls a boy named
Jet set satelite Blue print
Mariah carey Daydream
Mariah Carey Music box
The goo goo dolls dizzy up the girl
Seven Mary Three Rock crown
Santana Supernatural
54 40 casual Viewin
Firehouse hold your fire
Rush X Sixteen stone
House of pain Fine malt lyrics
Menace II Society The soundtrack
Cherry Poppin Daddies The swingin hits of the
Lisa Loel The nine stones
Silver Chair Frogstomp
Country Crows
Goo goo dolls A boy named
Brian Adams !8 til i die
Sugar Ray
No doubt Fragile Kingdom
Smashing Pumpkins Siamese Dreams
Marcy's Playground
Midnight Oil Diesel and dust
Baboon Torture Division
Nynsc celebrity
britney spears
3 doors down
rod stewart greatest hits
elton john greatest hits
celine dion

anyways i can keep on listing. There is no need

New cd's greatest's hits
Eminem Curtain Call The hits
Finger Eleven Them vs You vs me
Rascal Flatts Me My gang
Hedley First album
Sum 41 Go cuck yourself Greatest hits newest with Live performances
Sean Paul The trinity
Tim mcgraw Greatest hits
Nickelback all the right reasons
Shania twain Come on over
LeAnne Womack I hope you dance
Green day Bullet in the bible 2 discs live performances limited edition
Our Lady Peace a Decade live performances etc
The essentials Billy Joel Greatest hits 2 discs all of his best singles
The mobile tomorrow starts today
Carrie Underwood Some Hearts
Avril Lavigne The best damn Thing
Avril Lavigne Let go
Mariah Carey First album
Michael Jackson Greatest hits all of them
Kelly Clarkson Breakaway
Back To basics Christina Aguilera
The smashing Pumpkins 2 discs Twilight to starlight dawn to dusk

Plus 30 burnt cd's of other great music for free included not for money but free if you buy all.
Plus there is probably more than 210 because of the 2 discs and plus more i didn't put on since too much to put on.
So basicially this is like 250 cd's

Lot bundle quick sale cheap bunch whole set. This is basically a steal but since i need to sell it taking up space and i lack space in the house.

Will trade for electronics, manga books, recent textbooks, mp3, etc.

Below is picture of two huge boxes full of the cd's you will be getting

Britney spears, nysnc, hansens's so many lists goes on.

300 for all 550 of the cd's

add another hundred you get 50 vhs movies and 18 dvd's etc plus racks i state below.

also you can buy this all with the offer of dvd movies and vhs

will throw in vhs rack and cd rack if you buy all.

some of the cd's are some of the best of all time. 90 percent of these cd's are well known artists of our century. Some of these cd's are hard to get and some are just relevent artists of each genre, such as little bands of the 80's and 90's, still good to listen to.
$300 i believe would be good price making them just above 0.50 cents each.

This offer is worth thousands of dollars.
lot bundle special sale discount

18 dvd's Cheap 28 in total of cd's and 23 vhs bundle - $50

All but one dvd has perfect cases. All of the dvd's are in it's case with phamlets etc.
Earth2 Complete Series 4 discs 8 discs total
The new world
Million Dollar Baby 2 discs
Cinderella Man 2 sides
The aviator 2 discs
The sisterHood OF the traveling Pants
King Kong 2 discs
Cruel Intentions
Matchstick men
Final Destination 3 2 discs
Lord OF the rings return of the king 2 discs
Movies to go 6 in 3 cd's two brothers, Thunderbird, Peterpan, the cat in the hat, casper, little rascals
Movies to go 6 in 3 cd's part vol.2 Blue crush, Honey, Josh and the pussycats, bruce almight, along came polly, bring it on.

All that was bought for at least 100+

Vhs for free if you buy all the dvd's
Some doesn't come with case
Shawshank Redemption
Pearl Harbour 2 vhs
Space Cowboys
honey i Shrunk the kids
Slappy And the stinkers
Home Alone
Batman Forever
George of the jungle
I still know what did last summer
Pokemon First Movie
Lion king
Ernest goes to jail
Ernest rides again
The hurricane
I know what you did last summer
Jacob's ladder
Good will Hunting
mystery Alaska
William shakespeare's Romeo and juliet


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