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Electronics/misc stuff

Telephone 1x at least $10
Iron 1x $20
Computer speakers $10-15
Panasonic speakers 2x Worth at least $20 each
Candles Speakers Worth at least $10-20
Panasonic turnables, radio, cassette taps player. Can connect cd Worth at least $30
Portable cd player $10
Random Brands of mouse 6x
Wireless microsoft mouse
Airplane headphones 6x
One expensive headphones with mic
Telephone chord 11x
1 eternet chord
Mp3 creative 4gb Battery needs to be changed
Ac/dc adapter for the creative mp3 at least $50
Adapter 3x for electric appliance
Casio Keyboard pt-180 $20
alarm clock At least $5
D-604 ethernet broadband routerm at least $15 Comes with cd
Di-524 Wireless router D-link at least $25 comes with cd
di-704p ethernet broadband router at least $20 Comes with cd
Sharp Calculator $5
Olympus Camedia Digital Camera c-5050 Look on ebay and online it's worth $140
Sandisk reader
Fijifilm a200 Comes with 32mb disk Needs repair
FijiFilm a400 worth at least $30m comes with 1 gb disk
f15 bf minolta Camera
Another camera/recorder that needs fixing
Rotary Shaver
Portable radio

This whole offer is worth at least $600 if you sell it all now old.

All of this for sale for just $250

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