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Highschool study guides 11/12

The key 11 physics
Academic edge 11 mathematics
Academic edge 11 english language arts
Coles notes:
Lord of the flies
A separate place
The taming of the shrew

Seagull reader Essays

Student notes and problems workbook physics 12
Hebden Chemistry 12
Bc curriculum Biology 12 study guide fourth edition
Biology schaum's outline water damage but usable
physics schaum's outline damage on the side
Geography 12 study guide bc cirrculum
History 12 student workbook 3rd edition
Student workbook Theories and problems grade 12 5th edition

well anyways, these books have no set price since i know students will be paying for these books. So yeah, putting a huge price tag won't make these study guides attractive so if you have a price your willing to put on these textbooks, by all means give me a shout. If i like it i will reply back. Of course if you have lots of books you want to buy, i will consider the options of lowering the price and maybe delivering it locally.


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