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* pink * docomo P906i cell phone w/ hypersims + AC charger

Pink DOCOMO FOMA P906i for sale -- condition 8/10.

-- Used for about 8 months and has been retired for a while since I got a touchscreen phone. There are a couple of scratches/dents and some of the paint on the edges is starting to come off, but they do not affect the look of the phone too much. Functionality is not compromised at all.

THIS IS DEAL FOR ANYONE LOOKING TO BUY A DOCOMO PHONE FOR CHEAP. keitai will always be expensive... .I actually paid $700CAD for the phone only when I was overseas. each hypersim cost me about $60 and I have 3 because I misdiagnosed my SIM problem as a hypersim problem-- you are getting a good deal.

The phone is in perfect working condition and comes with whatever came in the box:
- Battery
- AC Adaptor Charger
- original guides and CD

I'm also throwing in 3 Hypersims because I don't have any need for them anymore.
(all 3 hypersims are in good condition, can also be used for other docomo phones. you can sell them or whatever if you don't need them all...)
PLEASE NOTE: I will not be offering a lower price for those who only want 1 hypersim, price negotiation is based on phone only, 3 hypersims is a bonus for the buyer.

-- there have always been screen protectors on the phone, so rest assured that the screen should be flawless under the protective films.



Ask if you need more info on the phone's specs -- here are a few:
* phone is capable of being opened in two ways: horizontally and vertically. the display will automatically switch from portrait to landscape accordingly. looks super cool and is a key component of the 906 series for docomo.
* high-resolution screen is actually a mini Panasonic VIERA tv screen: super compatible with widescreen and hd video formats
* outer camera is 5.1 megapixels, you can open the phone up sideways and take pictures while viewing the photos as well.
* secondary (inner) camera is capable of taking pictures and videos too. [ideal for self-cams, because you can see yourself!]


Update as of 2011-06-17: This model of phone is currently going for around $250USD, used and without hypersims on ebay.

* pink *  docomo P906i cell phone w/ hypersims + AC charger* pink *  docomo P906i cell phone w/ hypersims + AC charger* pink *  docomo P906i cell phone w/ hypersims + AC charger
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Price: $220.00 (CAD)
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