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Houston Rockets at home to beat feicheng76ren 120-98, the longest losing streak to rival NBA history. Rockets point guard Lin played 27 minutes, 9-for-4, scored 13 points and 1 rebounds 7 assists, the starting point guard role. The outcome of the game had little suspense, people only care about laying the won when rocket punches. But in the second, 11 minutes 32 seconds, Parsons changed out of play ahead of Beverley,new balance 574 sale  rockets fans were allowed a little worried – Beverley itself is with a cold play, but he sprained his right knee, leading ahead of next, which might bring a rocket backfield thin--not seen even in non-Yi Saiya-Canaan garbage time came? Indeed, 76 people are weak, but controlled weimaikeer-Carter-Williams's strength is not vulgar, he can actually be rocket backfield, particularly, first make some trouble. Maikawei one-to-one hardens off the lens also showed he does have the strength. Beverly end up injured, but Lin liberated, it turns out, Lin did not disappoint, he provoked the first place girders, played not inferior to the first result.


Beverly averaged 10.0 points and 3.7 rebounds this season 2.7 assists 1.4 steals, hit 40.7%, Hao surrendered the game 13 minutes,new balance 620 sale 1 rebounds 7 assists and hit 44.4%, have greatly exceeded the level of Beverley. More important is that tag in and played with the starters when fully played the role of tandem teams, this is Bev can't do that. Match book proud to send out 7 assists, he is particularly good at to inside players drop to meet Howard's desire to score. Section II with 6 minutes, with Howard Howe out of the book, does not break after a few off defensive players, but traversing Shun Howard under, then LOB to the basket, assists a monster OOP. The ball is clear "ball" meaning, after one-stop Warcraft, Howe could break through the book, but he is not greedy for power, but a deliberate return Howard, then sends out positive-OOP, book Howard Johnson's basketball IQ and zuorenqing can be seen.


Of course, most flowing attack--rocket fleet passing six complete OOP and ornate crackles show, book Howard Johnson also plays an important role. Is he controlled the ball before halftime, compression and 76 defense and ball then quickly shifted to the left after the bottom line points to an outside line, which created a Parsons assists. Book Howard Johnson in the rocket positioning difficult, he essentially an attack is a strong point guard, he needs a lot of carries, has a high occupancy levels and get crazy round, but rockets but hardens so that style is identical, but strength better stars, reality forcing Howe had to change his position. Turns out, Howe is worthy of a Harvard University student, even if the positioning is very awkward, even if it has lost its first position, but book is still caught in Flash, did worse than a starting point guard. Howard Johnson such a book, even a little higher annual salary, worth rockets possess.
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