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Houston Rockets home court to beat feicheng76ren 120-98, starting power forwards Terrence Jones has not only been 20 minutes and 7 rebounds and 4 steals, and staged like a point guard guard more than once in an exciting race through-train attack. With the increasingly rapid pace of NBA games, is gradually changing the definition of power forwards, in addition to lower back, Cosco investment, as well as passing outside your organization, new balance 576 uk and can attack with the ball like a guard also became a measure of a power forward if their overall standards. Los Angeles Clippers Blake Griffin is the leader so far this season, he has several times in the race showed good ball control technology, coupled with tremendous impact, makes his own attack when the opponent cannot play defense. From this aspect, the rockets also have the potential for her sophomore Jones, since this season since becoming the team's starting power forward, he is constantly showing his talent and upside, and he has proved he can also attack like a fullback.


According to Synergy website of data displayed: this season, by keep go attack in Jones of attack in the accounted for to of share for 16.9%, new balance 595 uk row in 3rd bit, but he each round can get 1.42 points, and Griffin side-by-side ranked full Union 17th bit, shooting hits more is up to 75.8% (Griffin more high, reached 80.6%), this undoubtedly is he of arsenal in the efficiency Supreme of a put, while for a name big striker for is a easily. Look at today's League of the top power forwards in the keep going to attack it! Timberwolves Kevin Loew gain 1.3 points per round, 36th place of the League, shooting 62%; lamakusi-Aldridge each turn of the pioneers 1.23 points, Union 69th, hit 65%. The face of 76 people, Jones had repeatedly demonstrated his extraordinary ball control ability. First section, he on continuous 2 times alone with ball from Hou field to each other basket Xia attack, first times is was has 76 people team of foul; second times more classic, Jones with ball to free throws district location Shi suddenly high jumped up, while eyes to left see, but ball is pass has themselves right of Dwight-Howard, "Warcraft" ball Hou prepared attack Shi and was has opponents of foul. Jones alone after this attack "sound in" pass, one can't help but see a number of "magic" Johnson's shadow.


The whole game, and Jones to play 30 minutes, scored 20 points in a 15-8 vote, with 7 rebounds and 4 steals, offense and defense is becoming more balanced, and that's why he's a big step forward this season. In answer fans ' questions on Twitter recently, rockets General Manager Murray gave a high evaluation to Jones, he thought Jones was the season's progress is largely due to the talent, good work ethic, and last year's exercise in the NBDL. In the competitive world of the NBA, full of talented young players are not unusual, but really based on the success of the Union and are thin on the ground. Jones could hang on the rocket's starting position in two years, absolutely inseparable from his efforts in the field. Even more unusual is that his talent is so great.
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