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Feicheng76ren 98-120 defeat away from home in the Houston Rockets suffered 26-game losing streak, WINS in NBA history. Nevertheless, the first rocket to return to Toyota Center-old James Anderson, and continues playing the first leg of the Fiery State. The audience, he is 18-for-11, shoot 11-for-6, penalty-2, scored 30 points. 2012-13 season after 29 games in play for the rockets, Anderson during the off-season are cut, 2 days later claimed by 76. So far this season, Anderson played 69 games and averaged 10.1 points and 3.8 rebounds. Although 76 people now go straight to the worst in history, but on November 14, 2013 first round play, 76 people were at home in overtime to win 123-117, old master mercilessly Anderson,new balance 991 cheap 16-for-12, which shoot 8-for-6, foul shot 6-for-all, chop off his career-high 36 points, 5 rebounds, 3 steals. Distal end of 6 seconds, it was his third hit, dragging the game into overtime. After the game, Anderson said: "the game came into my rhythm, teammates are great, always find me. At the last moment I get an opportunity, and this is crucial in the near future.


But nearly 4, Anderson feels bad, a total of only 29 minutes, 29 voted in only 11, but the returning, Anderson still firing. 76 people first recorded goal was in the first 11 minutes and 32 seconds, the CCID-steals-Chandler Parsons Yang, maikawei assists Beatdown Anderson hit it. 6 minutes, 33 seconds, Anderson hit the first of three points. First, Anderson scored 7 points. Section II started, 76 rockets rotating lineup, scoring machine II lineup lacks autonomy, at one point difference approached, and promoter of this offensive surge,new balance 996 cheap is one of three points in 11 minutes, 40 seconds and then Anderson. He then neither punishment nor even bursting 4 points, 76 were derived from the beginning of this section 9, 7 of which came from him. Upon seeing this, rockets back into the magic combination, only difference apart. Anderson scored 12 points.


Section III to the Middle, victory balance gradually tilt toward rocket, the distal segment, leading for 20 minutes and the rockets removed the magic combination, 5 in a row at the same time, also declared 76 persons suffered 26-game losing streak. Anderson then hit 3 threes remember despite the second half, but of no avail. On the number of shots, Ricky (7) is also lower than the first half (11 times). This season, Anderson, earning only US $ 910,000, he signed in January 2013 next 3 years and $ 1.97 million without a guaranteed contract, until 2015 and expire in summer. Of 76 people, towards the end of this season, the team has been looking at this June's NBA draft. Whether by virtue of Anderson's performance this season, filled with new, floor and insecure contracts of players leaving 76 people, remains unknown. But at least 2 old Club this season, Anderson proved himself.
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