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Houston Rockets at home to beat feicheng76ren 120-98, the longest losing streak to rival NBA history. Rocket-core James hardens played 31 minutes, 17-for-9, had 26 points and 10 rebounds 10 assists junior, this is also the first triple-double of the season and his second career triple-double. After the all-star break, harden face-lift, anencephaly singles reduced, increased passing and for the team's series, scoring efficiency also increases. By February of this year, hardens after 3 months of no more than 24.5 scoring average,new balance 998 sale  hits no more than 45%, but in February, the debut will be 27.9 minutes, 4.1 rebounds and 5.3 assists, since March, the debut scored 26.5 4.3 rebounds and 6.7 assists, and shooting over the 47%. Real hit is more than 65%! This season really hits over 65% players a total of only 5 people, which outscored LeBron James 15 minutes alone. At point guard, Super scorer hardens is true hit ratio ranked second (the first was striker Kyle-Corvol), while in February and March this year, hardens the true hit ratio can even against LeBron James and Kevin Durant.


League underdog 76, hardens to score is not the problem. Noteworthy is that hardens also passes very well, he did not seize the opportunity to brush against fish belly, which also drives the rocket team's passing. Most with representative of a ball originated from second section 2 points 30 seconds launched of once attack: HA log right three points line outside 45 degrees with motieyounasi of single retaining ball, subsequently around cut to road, Paradox bursting Hou a hit to passing points to shun Xia of Mo Tie, cheap new balance minimus zero Mo Tie and will ball pass left corners of Lin, book Howe directly points to left high of Parsons, Parsons breakthrough Hou will ball throwing up, assists Dwight-Howard completed air relay. Spurred by the hardens, although master Beverly injured position, but rocket this service assists or 3 players no less than 7 times, namely the hardens (10 times), Parsons (7 times) and Lin (7).


It is worth mentioning that, harden took only 3 brushed out of the triple-double, 26 minutes, 10 rebounds and 10 assists to be recognized as "cheap triple-double", and "brush" components is relatively small. This is Harden's career get a triple-double for the second time. Prior to this, he had on February 2, 2013 against the Charlotte Bobcats got 21 points 11 rebounds and 11 assists in three pairs. But triple-double of the season is not so "cheap", 21 players a total of 35 times already get a triple-double, which received three pairs of most was Indiana-Lance Stephenson, he had already received three pairs of 4 times. Rocket, another player Lin also has three double occupancies, on February 1 this year, he got 15 minutes, 11 rebounds and 10 assists.
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