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However beauty girls but also has requirements of

for them to protect their most important things. "Kou Moon puzzle:" I understand the master does the meaning, Genghis Khan, no wonder you're using ' invincible Overlord, nine days ' to protect his mausoleum. But Western Chu bawang even bones are destroyed by Liu Bang, if he had no chance with? "" Of course not, he used. buy nike kd 7 shoes   "I light way. "To use it? "" Right! " Hanshin ambush when Yuji dance song, fighter, each commit suicide. Western Chu King insulted his concubine in order not to let the enemy's bones, was immediately laid by Yuji burial grounds ' invincible Overlord, nine days ', he is also used, with sorrow than Genghis Khan, but also passionate than he. "When it comes to affectionate term, Kou Moon light flashing in her eyes, he rushed to his wife anger, killed numerous officials and wealthy businessmen, and fighterAlso like the maniac, so emotionally and XI Chu bawang began to close. I don't have a sentimental, paused: "come on, we went back. "" Master you don't miss taking the treasure? "Kou Shuo reaction does not come all of a sudden. I looked at him and said, "I want to help her, but don't want to give life to that. This ' invincible Overlord, nine days ' has never been cracked law unless assemble dozens of immortal powers, forces will forcibly destroyed, otherwise impossible to go inside, get baby. "Kou Shuo thought so, with our strength, let alone is immortal, is a sin, they have
to beat us. But he is also has other concerns, "if Miss when asked, the owner how should I say it? You are not afraid to hurt her? "" Sad ass! Her men are gone, why did those treasures! "I gave a loud laugh, with his cheap nike kd shoes  then rose, returned to the ground in an instant. "My Lord, you have found the place, and we don't need to go? "Kou Shuo ran asked. I shook, "don't go, will not leave the tomb of Genghis Khan that set the ' invincible Overlord, nine days ', which is the location of his tomb. "Paused, I handed the printed play out, a golden light across the place," boom "after the crash, I down a small hill into a strange shape. Recovered fan tianyin, I smiled and said, "leave a mark, wait until we have the strength to come back and see, look at the Eternal King's Tomb, hidden treasure came out, which included Kou, including all new, all admire. "My Lord, you exactly in what way Miss cannot be angry? "Sweet littleChildren caught in Kou Moon finally asked. I patted him on the shoulder, "Kou Moon, against a woman or what can he do? Don't listen to play, playing out again to coax a few words, you can. "" This simple? "Kou back stunning wanted to ask something, I had ignored him and turned to the sweet side, take the kids to play with her again. Actually I into tent by do of, is I with Kou Shuo said of those: into housing Hou I first time on hold with beauty girls, playing has she of fertilizer tender ass, playing have she sniveling Hou, only explained clearly causes, and pack of exaggerated has risk, immediately while incense full according to guilty of Dang son

and to lightning of potential, plundered has beauty girls of incense Kiss, big gnawing has she of small mouth son long...... Alternating so strident, plus touch hug Kiss offensive, girls skip the treasure of natural shy fails fails. However beauty girls but also has requirements of, in night sat in grass Shang of when, beauty girls by in I chest Qian, softly and and primly of road: "not deficiency, I total intends to has three a place, now submarine Castle is demons of trap, and Genghis Khan Ling and cannot in, last also left a seat claims European of treasure of Louvre, you this with I to, can on must cannot failed Oh! Otherwise, they'd go back to see his father again. "" In my body! "My blanket and patting my chest and guarantee that," but sweet, I found your courage is really big. Treasure not robbed the car, how about I take you to be a Bonnie and Clyde. "" Well, somebody else as a child wanted to be female Peter Pan. "Sweet close long eyelashes, look forward to the road," in fact, it was not a robbery, they allied forces enter our China, robbedHow many rare treasures? Now I just returned, still regarded as national hero. "Well, you are right. "I Po:" is this logic of bandits. "" Bad ~~ "head road, fragrance full of anger. "You are the robber! Also took their first kiss in the afternoon, did not ask people like it or not! Super Villain! "" Joke! "I bowed and kissed her once again, this just smiled and said," I spent no shortage to which women, won't ask her to agree to disagree ... ... Not my favorite, I'm too lazy to even look at, and where

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