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Is really a workaholic. We, as Chinese coach, you need to do is to adapt to his tempo. We will work very hard, but it was a good learning experience. By night: If Beijing super success will in future be Guo ' an opponent on the Court, you might think that scene? Jody: actually, I think cities like Beijing, it should at least have two Super League vans era  teams. If we were hyper-successful, you can call Beijing Derby, but security has over 20 years of football culture, culture and philosophy of our Club take time of precipitation, there should be a place of learning. Although we still do not have rushed ultra sheer muscle, but this year we will try. For security, whether we are a super a, or say the future could be two Super League teams, we all want to develop football in Beijing, including the beiligong, Beijing soccer to think how to win-win cooperation, have one of the best models, believes that Beijing has not

Opens up this pattern. By night: squad rush Super xinqier seems to be enough? Jody: that's for sure, this time trained by Tullow, the team feels very compact, also wanted to quickly adapt to his tempo. Although the training is very tired, but not like the original, after training so tired slouched back or complain very hard, is training very tired now, but we are very excited, I think this is the real state of training, but also on the level of coaching and recognition. Disciples disciple Asian Cup in mind every micro-communication law night: 2009 season as assistant coach of the Jiangsu SAINTY team started his new role in Jiangsu Province and worked for 4 years or so. On the just concluded Asia Cup, you had with players in Jiangsu team shine Sun Ke, do you feel happy? Jody: this Asian Cup, before my CSL had 6 players selected, so I pay special attention to the game. Watch them play and feel very warm,

Their performance, I'm happy. By night: there is no contact with them to give them some encouragement? Jody: after every game we all communicate in weixin, Sun Ke game did not play, I'll tell him ready for the second, it will emerge that he was really gone. Ren Hang his opponent made a penalty, I would tell him that it's a matter of experience, but it doesn't matter who is in need of growth. There's Leon, group stage after two games, I tol vans golf wangd him he should have a chance, and as long as there is a chance she will hold, he really played, then very optimistic about him when I was in Jiangsu. By night: this Asian Cup, football is frequently praised, what do you think about their performance? Jody: the true meaning of national soccer team in the Asian Cup is to prepare for 2018 World Cup qualifiers from Perrin showcasing personnel, very intelligent, very thoughtful, daring to bring some young players. Careful people will find that win first game

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