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Some women think that something jumped up and let go, not so good. In fact, not only warm ups, after they begin to match me with them  vans half cab  ran practice sprints and other projects do not understand that these are useless, but over time you will see remarkable results, the players and the coaching staff are naturally accepted. In order to get good grades, physical training is absolutely essential. By night: coaches, including Liu guoliang's physical training effects now satisfied? Lu Aifa: coach Liu guoliang at the sight of my training methods are recognized, there are other coaches would take the initiative to communicate my, this shows everyone paying more and more attention to physical training. Looking forward to promotion: meet the fitness fad will warm ups to record video-night: General

Sports enthusiasts there is a need for such a complex warm up? Lu Aifa: sports should seriously carry out the warm-up, warm up because not only can improve performance, and more importantly to avoid sports injuries. But for the ordinary sports enthusiasts, during normal movement can be some easier way to warm-up, such as looking for a permanent wall, his hands against back-and-forth stretch, many seemingly simple warm-up activities had a positive effect. By night: modern humans more and more health conscious and more and more people to participate in physical exercise, physical fitness trainer for this occupation is going to a market? Lu Aifa: Yes, because it is not just players, ordinary people may encounter various problems when taking part in sports activities, only in ensuring the physical and thermal

Under adequate conditions, to ensure the quality of the game. By night: square dancing proved to be a craze now, you warm ups are also available in the middle of the people promoting it? Lu Aifa: actually now, many schools are already in use, starting from last year, warm ups have been recorded into a video sold in the market, so that more people understand the importance of warm-up and fitness training. Beijing News, February 6, yadaqu group started the group stage the Confederations Cup competition final round, China vs Chinese Taipei team both stations were a negative. By Wang Qiang and Zheng Sai game best play in singles, China beat Chinese Taipei team locked up second place in group stage. Subsequent doubles in the first s vans old skoolet, China Wang Qiang at 2-1 leading retired due to injury. Against Chinese Taipei girl Wang Qiang Li

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