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Super Natural Super Boost 10kg

Brand New - never opened - Supernatural Super Boost 10kg  - this is before it became colorless.

Retails for $525.00 plus taxes -- now $285.000

Supernatural Brand Super Boost provides your plants with a pure readily available nutrient profile with an elevated phosphorus level for fast healthy flowering and ripening fruit load. Supernatural Super Boost is buffered to maintain a pH of 6.3 during the critical ripening stage. Contains the highest quality technically pure food grade ingredients available. Meticulously formulated with the latest in homogenizing technology to achieve great precision and accuracy. Contains all the essential macro and micro ingredients in their proper ratio with an elevated phosphorous level. Proven blend of vitamins, minerals, trace elements and hormones that are turbo milled for unsurpassed distribution and solubility. It contains extremely high grade components in as highly concentrated a form as possible to ensure that soluble salts will be kept to a minimum.


Powder nutrients can be kept for a long time as long as it has not been opened and been kept in proper storage.


  1. Fill your mixing container with 1 GAL (4 L) of water.
  2. For the rooting stage, mix ¼ TSP (1.2 ml) of Super Boost per 1 GAL (4 L) of water.  For the ripening stage, mix 1 TSP (5 ml) per 1 GAL (4 L) of water.  Stir thoroughly until powder has dissolved completely.  Adjust nutrient strength according to the growth rate and size of plant (in environments above 85°F (29°C) use only ½ TSP (2.5 ml) per 1 GAL (4 L) of water).
  3. Top feed or flood once a day, drip feed twice a day.  Keep the growth medium moist.

Flush with water once every 7th day for the duration of the 2 week feeding program. At the end of the 2 week feeding program, flush with Super Leach.

Super Natural Super Boost 10kgSuper Natural Super Boost 10kg
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