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On February 6, joy, today displayed in Knight on the player's face, they 105:94 beat the Clippers at home, and take 12-game winning streak, but rose to third in the East. Coach David Blatter is happy, and he even offered to Ming was uneven, Kevin Luff. "I kind of hate you run on Kevin Love," Blatter said, "we all calmed down, he didn't have any problems, he is a fantastic player, is our valuable member of this team. "Loew today has broken with the slump in the first two games, especially the start, feel can be described as fiery, Knight seems to have intended to create chances for him, he had 24 points, 9 rebounds and 3 assists, fourth quarter a adidas energy boost 2  long with the other starters, enjoyed victory in advance, laughing and chatting is very happy. "I guess I just found my rhythm and my teammates gave me the ball, and it feels so great," Loew said. Knight in the dressing-room after the match along with the joy, before in an interview Kelly-Owen, new ball-shampoo

Also took out the harmonica for a while and then introducing: "ladies and gentlemen, let Kelly-Owen. "" Everybody was so into doing the right thing, we must keep this momentum going, "said Owen, he did in fact today, 5-for-1 with only 10 points and 4 assists, but his team-mates to play well. Such as LeBron James, the whole 8 of 14 shots, contributed 23 points, 9 assists and 3 rebounds, he was key in winning after the game on defense. "Defense is quite interesting, actually, we are beginning to realize that this team," James said. Mentioned by a reporter after the game, Knight WINS in a row, the opponent might bring to the attention, in this regard, he says: "what other teams think of us, it's something I care about, the only thing I care about is how we look at ourselves! "Knight's recent performance also conquered the ball like Barkley comments, he said the ball on the spot, leaving the caddie agreed with Knight when" we see Eastern Conference finals! ”

Beijing News February 6: former world number one, Tiger-Woods, new season's opening was not smooth sailing! First game Phoenix open, hit a career highest single wheel 82 over par, suffering eliminated. The second game, and early exit from the competition because of a back injury. It is said that in 304 games in Woods ' career, this is the 8th out of the race. Today United States commentator Steve DiMeglio expressed concern that Woodsadidas y-3   ' injury or affects its overall play of the new season. Here is his comment: this series, petty disturbances, also were hurt by Woods ' mental. Some people think that, Woods still has some remaining problems in his left leg last year, and on Thursday the recurrence of a back injury, which add up to make him even more painful. On Thursday, PGA open first-round match of the farm open

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