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kers intend to sell Lin, and

Big men, David West, Taj Gibson and Kenneth-Fareed in pursuit of their list. Ray Allen all star belongs in recent days after United States basketball journalist Laszlo revealed on Twitter, and Ray Allen will decide his future after the all-Star weekend, while Laszlo said,Current hawks and Knights have been chasing Ray Allen. Ray  adidas toe touch   Allen career respectively played for the bucks, supersonic, Celtics, heat, played a total of 1300 regular season games averaging to hand over 18.9 points, 4.1 rebounds, 3.4 assists per transcript. On February 6, Beijing time, according to the United States leading basketball expert Chris Xie Erdan said, sources say, the Lakers intend to sell Lin, and a future second-round draft pick might be the team ask for in return. Last summer

Day, Jeremy was traded to the Los Angeles Lakers by rockets, joining at the beginning, the Lakers had to give Lin hopes, and the latter as the starting point guard. However from the previous situation, as the season progressed, Lin is not ideal, but he lost his starting spot, becoming a substitute. So far this season, Lin is averaging 25.8 minutes, can send 10.4 points, 4.7 assists and 2.5 rebounds, shooting was 42.1%, compared with the period of effectiveness of rocket, Lin's status has slipped. From the outside, the Lakers coach has lost trust for Jeremy Scott. Taking into account Lin's current contract expires in the summer, so many people in the industry thought, Lin hard to stay with the Lakers in the future. It is worth mentioning that, as the trade deadline approaches, also constant reports about Lin's trade rumors in the NBA. It is reported that the Lakers do intend to go Jeremy Lin, however, considering his performance this season, fewer teams are interested in him in the League. For

The Lakers, might have difficulty in giving away Lin Hao in Exchange for higher returns. In this regard, the expert Xie Erdan adidas springblade  said, a future second-round draft pick is very likely the Lakers want to get chips. So far this season, the Lakers badly, has very little hope of entering the playoffs. But if the Lakers are bad enough, then they could be retained in the hands of 2015 first round draft pick (top-five protected), or will be sent to the Sun. Earlier sources said, pistons and Cleveland teams are likely to be interested in Jeremy. If you sent a second-round draft pick, will be able to get Lin, so for those interested in reinforcing the team is concerned, might be a good choice. On February 6, Beijing time, United States-famous basketball expert Luke Duffy wrote that rocket

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