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That final judgement. But sort of like opinion polls, some like it, some people don't like, and finally see if most people prefer, that's all. But sometimes it's the most people like it or not, rather than a true "experts" opinions decide the fate of some coaches last. Zheng Xiong rate junior Asia Cup team adventure outlet, but in the top four and compete for the FIFA World Youth Championship disqualification crisis failed, everyone "sti  adidas originals nky" Word, I thought his biggest shortcomings is "lacking even minimal flexibility and wisdom". But before and after the Asia Cup live football with the Youth Ministry Director Lin Weiguo, Zheng Xiong led the training very hard, earnest, high-minded, Guo Qing missed out on the World Youth Championship with a short team time, hit hosted the team for many years and many other lucky ... He promoted Zheng Xiong to continue at the next session of the Green, but he was Li Ming from the better-known finally took office. Who knows Zheng Xiong Lin Weiguo and country? Milutinovic's rate team ever to enter the World Cup but were "270 minutes of shooting

"," The game did not win, a ball into "I know very well that the Chinese team interviewed at the scene" never played big games "and fan Zhiyi [Twitter], Sun jihai, and Qi Hong ... ... "The injury to top 5 key does not live up to expectations at the same time" is the biggest reason, but Milutinovic was "fired." Is the judge who determines the merits of Milutinovic, experts, fans, or is still like a fog-like "above"? And Hao Haidong [micro Bo] when on Milutinovic "famous of criticized" is, Milutinovic "training no", "on a people carrying a package to has, even a Assistant are no, like a cheats......", Hao Dong just 30 age more yihou to British Crown mixed had days, he are see had who of training, at he and compared has which home giants, and which bit name handsome, let he has qualification said Mi Luxun practiced no? He should know that Milutinovic's miracle 4 times before the World Cup, "said" too confused, too mentally retarded and a lack of common sense. Yu Juemin team League Championship, with CBA[micro-blog of the season] du feng of the regular season the team won the [Twitter], second-Guo Shi

Strong, when Gao Changchun Yatai won a super rate ratio. Just handsome Chinese women's volleyball League, there is no Ocean, few teams to win much more difficult compared to the CBA, in the very small, but Yu Juemin easier than winning. Genus Beijing men's basketball and men's volleyball team last season won both the touch light one step ahead in the inflow of foreign aid and poor results this season is actually reflects an Aztec and Li Mu's real weaknesses. Don't think some of the fans and "fan-journalists" evaluation of coach "was willful," "water too" concern--whether praise or criticism, or even abuse, are "happy". Look at some very good, Olympics and World Championships title such as collect dirt on projects, shooting, dadidas js wings 2.0  iving, table tennis [Twitter], badminton [Twitter] ... ..., the coach who knows who is who? I do not know Malone, Xu Xin [Twitter],

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